Monday, May 17, 2010

Step Right Up for the KT Steppers LIVE Giveaway

ATTENTION! Be sure to read the rules at the bottom of this post, this giveaway is a LIVE giveaway, and different than the others!

I love love LOVE personalized things for baby. I've tried really hard not to go overboard, knowing I will most likely have another child some day, and the poor thing will deserve custom things too. Ladybug has a personalized chair cover, a hooded towel, toybox, bracelet and diaper bag. We also have a monogrammed hospital bag with our initials.

Growing up I loved having things that I knew were MINE cause it had my name written all over it.

Maybe you're not as obsessed with personalized things as I am... Perhaps it doesn't promote sharing, either way, I'm sure you'll still find these adorable step stools totally adorable, and think of some other creative way to make it your own!Katie is the owner of KT Steppers and she always thought she would be a ‘Working Mother’ but never imagined it would be for her own company. She struggled with the desire to stay home and raise her family as well as longed to work outside the home to help with the finances.

"So, I thought to myself, what can I do/make and sell that would be a great gift and practical for the baby/toddler down the road," she said. "I was always creative and liked to draw, so knew I would go that route."

The first “stepper” was conceived when one of her family members was looking for something unique and personal for her best friend’s son, so she offered up a Kt Stepper.
"After further research, talking with other moms and friends, it confirmed for me that there was a great need for that 'special something' to give as a gift for just about every occasion in a young child’s life. “Our ‘Steppers’ are a special, custom and a personal way to say 'You’re one of a kind!'"

So what are steppers?* Ultra trendy, hip, sophisticated step stools with the attention to detail being the upmost importance. Each stepper is designed per order and can be matched to any theme, bedding, or décor desired.

* HUGE hit with baby showers, 1st birthdays, christenings, and so much more.

*‘Steppers’ are a great way to introduce independence and encourage brushing teeth, washing hands, reaching a toy, and even helping out mom & dad in the kitchen. They feel proud and like a real ’big kid’ for doing it all on their own!

* The cricket stepper is budget friendly, useful, and practical but they are also eco-friendly, made from parawood and only water-based paints ever used.

*For early childhood development of motor skills, our steppers can be a great help to coordinate gross motor skills and balance as well.

You can find out more by following @KTsteppers on Twitter or "Liking" KT Steppers on Facebook.

This mom has been through a lot too, she had a brain tumor when she was 22 and it could have effected her fertility but luckily it was benign and didn't. She now has been married for nearly nine years and has two boys! One is 5 and the other is 3.

She had some great advice for me!

{New Mama Advice}
You will get A LOT of advice on what to do, how to do it, etc… so the best advice I can give is to do what is comfortable and works for you, baby and husband. There are a lot of resources out there for new moms, but still nothing is an exact science on ‘how to be a mom’ it will come natural!
Katie has offered to donate a custom Cricket Stepper to one of you party-goers, worth $49, but LISTEN UP cause we're doing this differently, it's a LIVE giveaway!

To win you must be commenter #239 (cause Spawnie is due in 39 days... I just added the 2 in front to make it fun).

Your first comment must be letting me know your favorite stepper on KT Stepper's site. Then you can leave up to 2 (TWO) comments in a row before letting someone else comment before you comment again.

After someone else comments you can comment two more times, and continue in that pattern. The only rule after the first comment is that you must leave a complete sentence (no one-word comments).
{To comment MORE than 2 times in a row}
If you leave a piece of "new mama advice" you can comment 4 times in a row.
If you leave advice and are a blog follower comment 5 times in a row.
And so on with these additional comment credits:
-Follow @FutureMama on Twitter
-If you RSVPd to the shower
-Follow @ktsteppers on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway with a link!
-Email subscribe to my blog and confirm your email subscription
-Vote for me on Top Baby Blogs
(+1 additional comment for each thing you fulfill!)

So let's say you "earn" 8 comments... Once you comment 8 times, wait for someone to comment after you (at least once) and you can comment again up to 8 times in a row about ANYTHING (in a complete sentence!)

Commenter #239 Wins!! Good luck!

*I didn't receive any compensation for this post. Thanks KTsteppers for donating the giveaway prize!

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