Monday, May 21, 2012

Kiddo fashion for TWO + giveaway

In case you don't follow me on Facebook and you missed it. I had a kinda-sorta mini announcement this week. Yea. Kinda crazy huh? Not really. Who can resist another one of these?...
A couple weeks ago I was plotting my husband's transformation to daddy of (almost) two; warding off neigh-sayers and men's rights groups (I know... Who knew?) who thought I was forcing, and torturing my poor husband into a horrible situation; and here I am in my first two-week-wait since Lil' J. My how things change fast. Not only that but two different people wrote me today saying my approach worked on their husbands! Mens Right's beware. Us women are on to something here. Forget "forgetting" to take our birth control. Whatdoyaknow, consistent open conversations can be evil and conniving persuasive!
Spinning in her Carter's Woven Dress.
Anyway, enough jabbing the haters, on to the good news...

This time is NOTHING like last time. There's no temperature taking, pill popping, sex-natzing, stressing, or tracking. I'm going to enjoy being Lil' J's mommy and focus on her, and when it happens, it happens. At least now it CAN happen. (I say all of this now, but check in again in a few months.)
Sadly, I haven't had much time yet this summer to make sun-suits and dresses for Lil' J, but I hope to pick it up soon. In the meantime, I had a mini-spree on (they sell clothes now!) and got a few dresses and some swim shoes. They have brands like Tea Collection, Carters, and OshKosh.It's easy to brows their selection because of all the sorting options plus there's free 2 days shipping on orders over $49. It was just hard to decide what to get. Aside from the two pictured, I got another dress that should be here tomorrow. Now I have an excuse to expand Lil' J's wardrobe while stocking up on more cloth diaper stuff.
I already love coordinating with Lil' J myself (I know, I'm a big dork), so I can't wait to match TWO kiddos.
I don't have a preference for a boy or girl next time around and probably won't try to find out before he/she is born.

I'm getting ahead of myself. But that's what I do. In fact, I've already created some summer looks for brother/sister and sister/sister pairs.
Summer Breeze
Boyz Just Wanna Have Fun
Summer Rock
Sundress Galore

All of these things are from I made these clothing looks. Impressive right? ... Well, I thought so until I saw some of the others people had created. I used the Polyvore app (you can find it here) which is fun for sparking wardrobe inspiration. I think it's my new favorite hobby.  
Let me know which one you like best in the comments and you'll be entered to win a $100 gift card to Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

Easy enough right? Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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