Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Makin'... Photos?

That doesn't quite sound right now does it? Especially when it comes to taking engagement photos. I'm still working on some kind of name for my new endevor but since it's just a hobby right now, I'm not too worried about it. I did take a suggestion from some of my readers who follow me on facebook and made a watermark using "BMM Photography" so those of you who read know who I am. Still working on how it looks but I suck on graphic design so that may take a second.

On life... We moved into our new place (and are going through binky withdraws, or as my husband calls it "crack withdrawals") but I'll get more into that later. We didn't take extra time off to move so we've been trying to unpack as we go, but the main stress of it all is behind us I think. Now I get to focus on putting things where I want them to go, and decorating.

Just before our move a friend of mine told me her little sister is getting married and asked if I'd take her engagement photos. This was my first engagement shoot so I'm excited to share. Look past the ugly logo, still working on that.

He: Is a fireman in training and former Texas State football player.
She: Is a 5'4 second grade teacher with a bubbly personality.
They: Were like models, and made my day.
They had connections and got us on the Texas State Football field, and we took the others in San Marcos around the river. I told my husband I want to move there now.

I told them I'd get them 20-30 photos on a DVD but I ended up shooting more than 500 and editing more than 80. There were too many fun ones to choose from!

Let me know what you think of my first try at this! It's so strange seeing other faces besides Lil' J pop up in my camera.

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