Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiul Hair Bows and Pins: Kelly Joy Boutique LIVE Giveaway

Be aware of the rules for this LIVE giveaway! Commenter #222 Wins!

Continuing on with my virtual baby shower... You can't celebrate a baby girl without bows, no that's just wrong. I'm in love with these original baby bows from Kelly Joy Boutique.
Kelly has been making hairbows for a couple years but she says she really got into it when she found out she was expecting a little girl (she was born 01.01.10).
"As I looked around shops and online I couldn't believe how expensive hairbows are! I knew I wanted Lily to wear lots of bows, but I wasn't willing to pay the price for bows. I opened my Etsy shop last month and I'm so excited to offer cute bows for a great price! I also started making pins as well. So even if you don't have a little girl, there is something in my shop for you!" She said.

She and her husband have been very happily married for almost 2 years. He is a professional violinist/teacher and she is a work from home Mama to Lily. "I am so thankful for the privilege to stay at home with her."
{New Mama Advice}
Don't stress out if your house isn't clean or dishes are piled in the sink. Spend all the time you can snuggling with your little one because she will grow up before you know it!

Thanks for the tip! I'll let my husband know that's my excuse ;)
{Check out her shop}
Where her adorable bows and headbands start from $2-4! Also, be sure to follow @kellyjoydesigns on twitter and "like" Kelly Joy Boutique on Facebook to learn more!

She's offering one of you party-goers a $10 gift certificate to her shop and free shipping! So get some pins for yourself, or even bows for yourself or your little one or a friend!

To win you must be commenter #222

Your first comment must be letting me know your favorite item in Kelly Joy Boutique's Shop. Then you can leave up to 2 (TWO) comments in a row before letting someone else comment before you comment again.

After someone else comments you can comment two more times, and continue in that pattern. The only rule after the first comment is that you must leave a complete sentence (no one-word comments).
{To comment MORE than 2 times in a row}
If you leave a piece of "new mama advice" you can comment 3 times in a row.
If you leave advice and are a blog follower comment 4 times in a row.
And so on with these additional comment credits:
-If you RSVPd to the shower
-Follow @kellyjoydesigns on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway with a link!
-Email subscribe to my blog and confirm your email subscription
-Vote for me on Top Baby Blogs
(+1 additional comment for each thing you fulfill!)

So let's say you "earn" 8 comments... Once you comment 8 times, wait for someone to comment after you (at least once) and you can comment again up to 8 times in a row about ANYTHING (in a complete sentence!)

Commenter #222 Wins!! Good luck!
*I was not given anything for this feature/giveaway. Thanks Kelly for sponsoring the prize!*

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