Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Simple Pleasures and Party Planning

We went on a trip to the pool today and oh my goodness Lil' J had a blast. I'd never seen her so excited to get out of my arms before. Hopefully she'll be a better swimming that me someday, I can barely swim to save my life. 

I was too scared to bring my camera in the water but I captured some other fun moments.
We had a picnic and she played on the swings again. A random little boy came up and started pushing her on the swings, which was a little weird but cute and funny at the same time.

In less that 6 weeks Lil' J turns one. ONE. It's insanely crazy. Nuts. I can't believe it! But I'm coming to terms with this bittersweet monument by planning her birthday party.

Of course this year, and the next few to come are the ones she won't remember. But I will. So it's gotta be fabulous.

Sadly, we don't have any family nearby, so it'll be our friends who celebrate with us. There are also talks of my mom and siblings coming out too, so this has the potential to be a great memory (again for me, not for her, but she'll have photos).

Since our place isn't very large, I decided to do it at a park. But since her birthday is in the heat of the summer, I decided to do it at one with water! The space is reserved and we're having it a week before her birthday, on her due date actually, since my husband and I thought many people would be out of town for the fourth.

I have never planned a baby birthday party before--Why would I? So I'm worried I'm going to forget something. I'm still not sure yet what I'm doing for food. What's good for tiny kids? I'm thinking sandwiches and fruit perhaps.

What are good for baby goodie bags? Fun and easy decoration ideas? I think the venue should provide enough entertainment but should I take anything else into account?

Alright, those are all of the questions I can think of right now!

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