Saturday, September 3, 2011

What? It's been a month already?

Dear Baby Girl,

I was just getting used to saying you're 13 months and I just realized today that you're now 14 months. Holy cow that last month flew by! Probably the quickest one yet, it feels.

This month was a doozy for us. You started a new school. It's been really hard for both of us. You cried and cried the first few days I dropped you off, and so did I. Now you only cry sometimes, or for a moment, before I go. I can't wait for the day you tell me bye and run off to play with your friends.

White Ruffle Dress: Old Navy via Ebay; Coral Bow: Little Star Sweeper
Speaking of running, you're beginning to. You took off walking this last month, and you love being on your two feet. You're loving being able to carry things while you move around, and you laugh so hard when I say I'm going to get you or ask you where you're going.

Your new words are "bye bye" and "bubbles." Your teacher also told me you try to say your friend's names at school. You also sometimes call Snoop "Ba" I think short for "bad" but we're trying to change that. Poor Snoop. You also say "tin too" Which means thank you and it's so stinking cute!

Your favorite foods are Spanish rice and chicken, pizza, grapes, strawberries, and steak fries. You also love sandwiches. These are all our favorite foods too so you fit right in. You're still nursing. I thought you'd stop by now but you don't seem to be weaning yourself at all. The good thing is when you're teething like you are now, it's one way to make you feel better. You also haven't been sick yet. But I guess we're lucky. It could be the nursing or the fact that I let you eat off the floor, I haven't sterilized things immediately after you drop them, and I only sporadically wipe the shopping cart down for you. I guess it's built you up some nice immunities.

One of your new favorite things to do is brush your teeth. When I do the sign for it and ask you if you want to brush them you stick your tongue out and get excited. You have seven teeth, and I think you're about to get another.

Leg warmers, pearls, ruffle butt and bow: Belle Dezigns; Romper: Borrowed
Dancing and humming are also some new things you love to do. If I hum a song you wiggle your butt and start humming too. I think it's so adorable. Oh, and another funny thing you're doing is climbing on your rocking horse and rocking like crazy! You think it's so much fun. We're glad you like it.

You also like the "Art Show" episode of Yo Babba Gabba and you've watched it about two thousand times. We get the songs stuck in our heads too. I try to turn on a different episode or show but you aren't having it. I am trying to convert you to watching Disney movies instead because those will never get old to me.

I didn't think I could love you any more than I already do but I do! Every night after you go to bed I look at your pictures and get so excited to see you the next morning. You're my little buddy and I have such a blast hanging out with you. I thought I'd be sad about you getting bigger, especially since month after month is just flying by now! But I'm not sad. I'm enjoying seeing you learn and grow.

Your daddy says he loves how "cool" you're getting. He likes that he can chase you around and make you laugh, and get you to throw things. You two don't get to hang out as much these days but the time spent together I can tell, is much more cherished.

We love you so much. I hope you remember that always.



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