Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mini Mod #1: Introduce me to your tiny trendsetter

If you haven't noticed, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with children's clothing. Rarely does a day goes by where I don't browse for something cute for Lil' J, whether a pair of shoes, a new accessory, or a dress. I rarely get something from the department store, most things are from boutiques, or second hand things from seasons ago, so it's not often we see others wearing what she's sporting.

I love sharing that with you too. Out of habit I take photos of her and what she's wearing daily. I don't consider myself a style blogger but I think I can see children's style in my future. I couldn't ever keep up with posting what I'm wearing on a daily basis, but I could post what Lil' J was wearing if I want. Heck, I'm almost there already. Also, I know some of you have found new favorite shops and finds from me, and I've found some from you, this new link up idea can be a way to keep that going.

As if I haven't had enough failed attempts to incorporate a blog meme, I thought I'd give it another try.

How about every week we show off our kiddos' fashion? That's simple enough right? I'm not sure if I'll keep doing Fridays. While Mini Mod Monday sounds cool, Mondays are suppose to be What I'm Makin' Monday... Lord knows I'm not making much these days now though... Aside from PB and Js for lunch and an occasional tutu. I guess Tuesday is an option too. What day do you like? Do you care?

No need to write a novel or anything, just upload some pictures, let us know where you got the outfit (if you remember) and link up here so we can blog hop. Visit the link before or after yours and comment on it. I'll comment on any Mini Mod posts that are linked up. And with all that said, here's my first post! I hope you'll join in! I'll feature one of the blogs that links up in next week's post!

I take pictures of Lil' J daily. Sometimes we just go out and play in the grass, and other times we take toys outside and play as the sun is setting. Our neighbor's cat Queso usually trots over because he knows we'll pet him and give him lots of love. I'm trying to teach Lil' J to be gentle with him. She's used to smacking and riding Snoop like a horse.

I sat back and watched her play before snapping a few shots. She's so fearless, getting up in his face, and trying to give him kisses.
Queso eventually got sick of us and we plopped down and played with her piggy bank. I showed her how to stick the coins it and she sings. In a matter of minutes she had it down pat and was just over the moon excited about her new talent.

Daddy was inside studying so I took some pictures of the action so he could see how it all went down.

She's wearing a dress and headband from one of my favorite Etsy shops: Sumo's Sweet Stuff. I got the tiered dress and headband for $15. This was one of the first of many dresses like I ordered from this shop. It's getting small, and it's long sleeved so I rolled up the sleeves to make it more weather-appropriate. The length still works as a dress, and soon, once she's too tall I can put leggings on her and she can wear it as a shirt.

She LOVES wearing shoes. I thought for sure she'd hate them since I barely put them on her for the last year. When she was first born I had socks or soft shoes on her daily. But it got hard to find the perfect socks to match ever single outfit, so I ditched them. We're finally getting back in the habit now that she has to wear them for school, and she LOVES them! She's either laughing and trying to pull them off, or bringing them to me, begging me to put them on. The ones she's wearing here are Robeez. I bought these before she was born at a consignment sale. I love these shoes. They are the easiest to get on and of and nice and soft on her feet. I'm in the process of getting more like these, but with some boutique-style. Hopefully I'll have them for another upcoming Mini Mod post!

Ever since she's been wearing them she's ventured with walking more. Maybe her feet feel tougher to her now or something, but she prefers to stand up and try to walk than crawl now. It could be a coincidence though. I'm not sure, but I thought shoes were suppose to have the opposite effect. Either way, I think I can officially call her a WALKER now! Yay Lil' J! This should make picture-taking interesting from now on. But I'm excited for the challenge.

Feel free to link up and show off your stylin' Mod Mini and let others know they can join in. Come on, what better excuse to show off your cutie and your style on them?

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PS: A commenter just informed me there is something similar in the bloggyland (who woulda thought I wasn't the first? ;) ) Called Small Style. I'm linking up there too and you should too to get more bank for your blog!

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