Monday, August 15, 2011

365 Love Letters Week 30

Sorry I'm posting these late. I have to make it quick because we're going on another quick trip to Lil' J's school to drop things off and let her play for a little bit before her first full day Wednesday. Please link yours up! I love seeing the photos you take and letters you write! Some of you don't even have your kids yet and I think it's just as beautiful! Check those links out. They rock.

Bow and dress from LillyBug Boutique
I love this shot. I took it as the sun was setting in the field by my house.

Bow from White Suggar Creations
Sweet reader Elizabeth suggested this advice and I thought this photo was perfect for it this week. Thank you!
This is my journal from my first year at BYU and through the first year or two of marriage. It's hilarious to go back and read.

Dress from Tea Collection
Love her eyes.
This as one of many things I made for her while I waited for her to arrive.

Dress from Dapple Gray Designs
We played with chalk and water guns this hot afternoon. She found it cold double as a sippy.
I sometimes see this sweet face and look when I come home from work. She's saying something like: "Come here!! Pick me up!!"

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