Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm a bad influence mom

It was hot. We had been taking pictures for half an hour, and you were in such a good mood. I wanted to make sure you went to bed that night thinking 'I had so much fun with mommy today.' So I loaded you in your car seat and we drove to the next park over. I heard it was cooler, and that there was some water you could play in.
The sun was setting when we got out of the car. If we were lucky we'd only have 15 minutes or so to play before it started to get dark. But I hadn't been there before and I didn't know how to get to the water.

We passed the fountain as we walked in and you leaned, reaching for it, trying to get out of my arms.

I jogged with you around the building and down the stairs but I couldn't see an entrance to the lake.

We ran back up the stairs near the fountain. I took off your pants, and after a quick glance around I let you loose. As I expected, you speed-crawled to the fountain and climbed right in.

At one point a man walked by--I'm assuming someone who works at the park--And said "After everyone goes home, I like to strip down to my underwear and climb in there too." I laughed and thanked my lucky stars he didn't kick us out. You were having so much fun (and I assumed he was kidding).
Rock On Shirt by MoRiginal Designs; Hair Clippie by Moi!
I couldn't help but snap pictures of the good time you were having. At one point my battery died and I brought you half way to the car with me while I grabbed my back up. I sat you down at the edge of the grass thinking you may follow me, instead you raced me back to the fountain. You were in a state of bliss.

But oh man, when it was time to go, you threw a fit. Arched back, jellyfish squirm and all. I felt bad for pulling you away from so much fun but it was past your bed time, and time to go home.
As we reached the car you had calmed down and rested your head on my shoulder. I kissed your wet hair and nose, and told you what I always tell you, time and time again. I love you.

Letting you play in the park fountain probably wasn't my best role-model moment. But it gave us a moment and memory I'll remember, hopefully forever.

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