Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A day in my heels

I'm not a morning person. At all. So when I was asked to switch from evening anchor to morning anchor on the weekends I wasn't exactly pleased.

"It's only temporary," I told everyone who asked me what I thought about the new gig. "I'm doing everyone a favor while we're short staffed."

I had filled in for the morning anchor a few times in the past, and switched shifts from time to time so she could have a longer weekend, or so I could have an afternoon off. I never enjoyed the shift. Something about being at work at a God forsaken hour just isn't normal. Nor should it be. Usually Saturday I'd be all pumped up on adrenalin but by Sunday, or Monday if it was a long weekend and I was working it, I wanted to die.

Giving my past feelings on the experience, I prepared to hate it.

It came time for my first shift and I prepared by stocking up on 5-hour Energy. I seriously could do a commercial for these people. It works. I know it's probably not so good for me but I only drink about 2 and a half hours worth a day. It's my version of coffee I guess. Anyway, long story short, it wasn't that bad. I think being in the mindset of "I've gotta do this" helps, but it's also exceptionally nice having afternoons off with my family.

Lil' J's romper via Sassy Sitches Boutique (closed); My shoes: Payless, Skirt and Jacket: Ross; Dress (as a shirt) via eBay
I don't get to go to all three hours of church. I can however make sacrament meeting during my lunch--Or breakfast, rather-- break. Which was my biggest worry about helping out with this shift.

Yesterday morning I woke up before 3am to get ready. I normally set out my clothes and get ready as much as I can the night before, but I had forgotten to pick out my shoes. I guess I'm more daring and care-free at 3am because for some reason I decided to grab and wear a pair of heels (which I never do).

I half expected myself to fall down the stairs while half asleep on my way out the door, but I survived.  My only stumble was over Snoop who was sleeping in the dark hallway.

I must say though, the best part about being at work at 3:30am is being done around 11:30. I came home and was able to start my day like normal. (Luckily I'm not working today, so I can do that).

Today when I came home from work I asked my husband to take a couple of photos of Lil' J and I before I changed. I brag about being the queen of frumpy, but I wanted to have proof that sometimes, I do look decent. I take so many photos of her and want more photos with her, but setting up the tripod and using my camera remote isn't always convenient. He's agreed to help me out so long as we're fast.

Afterward I ate some lunch, took a nap with Lil' J, then went out to take more photos with her at a park.

I hate to admit it but I've re-learned a classic life lesson. Don't knock it 'til you try it. Of course this doesn't apply to dangerous things like crack or murder; but with a new shift at work, I think it applies.

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