Monday, August 1, 2011

365 Love Letters Week 28

It's funny how about a year ago I went from "I'm not sure if I'll post many pictures of my baby on my blog" to having possibly the most photographed baby in the world. I think I've mentioned the hilarity before.

Meanwhile, Lil' J now knows how to say "picture" in sign language. Coincidentally, it's also her new favorite sign to use and she misuses it to ask for everything.

I hope some of you made a love letter this week. I've made a button (temporary, I'm trying to get help making a more snazzy one) and a linky so link up!
A bride was having a photo shoot around the park we were taking pictures as and asked if Lil' J could be in some of her photos. She gave her this red flower to hand to her for a couple of her bridal shots. I haven't seen the pictures yet but I bet they're super cute.
Embroidered shirt, capris and bow from Jessica's Little Blessings
Another fun day at a park. The sun was setting and I saw these art bulls. We had to take some pictures on it. I got on too. I'll have to share the ones I had a stranger take for us soon.
Dress from Designed by XOXO Ash; Clippie from Sumos- Use "BLOWOUT50" to get 50% off her listed items.
She's obsessed with water. We had just been swimming a few days earlier and she kept crawling to the pool. When she saw this pond she tried to get in thinking it was also a pool. Silly girl.
Flower Print Romper: Carters
This cat loves to hang out at our door. Even though Snoop is a cool pet, he's like a sofa to her. She hardly notices him these days, but she gets so excited every time she sees a cat.
Tommy Hilfiger Striped One Piece (similar to this): Gifted
At a work pool party. I couldn't pass up a photo op. Just like always, she was ready to strike a pose.
Ruffle Butt Onesie and Bow: Sumos-"BLOWOUT50" to get 50% off her listed items.
Did you make a letter this week? I'd love to see! Link up and visit others who link up. I just ask that you link back to the post so others can play along.

(highlight and push "CTL and C" to copy the button)

Also, let's do a GIVEAWAY I've been meaning to do for a while. everyone who comments on this post and/or links up will be entered to win this snazzy hair bow from Bella Rose Hair Accessories. Adorable, no? Don't let Lil' J's hair fool you, there are some cute feathers on this thing. Giveaway ends next Monday when the next 365 Love Letters post goes up! Good Luck!

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