Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Fashion: Mini Mod

I think it's kinda funny that I do a pretty horrible job of dressing myself, but I absolutely ADORE dressing my daughter.

Last week, I wear dirty yoga pants and a t-shirt to the children's museum, but I dressed my daughter in Tea, and a boutique headband. It's not that I don't have a sense of style, because I do. I've loved dressing up, accessorizing and being stylish since I was young. And if I could buy a matching set of everything Lil' J has for myself I think I'd look pretty cute. Hmm. I wonder if there are mommy and me clothing lines. Maybe I'm on to something here.

I think the appeal to me about clothes for her too is that they're easy to find online. I always get things a little bigger than I think she'll need so worst case scenario she'll grow into it. It's not so easy to do that with stuff for myself.

Dress from Adelaide's Boutique; Feather Rosette Bow from
 Lately when we go out someone will ask me where I got her headband, or her outfit, if I made it--Since normally it's stuff you don't see in stores. One of these days, when I'm not working a full-time job I want to take up sewing again and learn how to make my daughter some stylish clothes. Like this adorable Junebug dress. I found the tutorial on Pinterest. It doesn't look so hard right? But when do I have time to make something like this? It's just easier for me to pay someone else to do it for me! So for now I'm sticking with hunting for unique styles and steals.

My favorite outfits of hers are definitely from boutiques. Most of those things are one of a kind, and these make up about 90% of her wardrobe. I'm in love with Etsy, but I also find a lot of things through facebook, like MoRiginal Designs for example. I recently signed up for their outfit of the month club and for $90, I'll get two items every month for a year. So it could be two rompers, two dresses, a top and a bottom, it's a surprise, but I love their work and I won't be disappointed. And if you do the math that's like $7.50 or less an outfit.
My favorite places to non-boutique shop are actually thrift stores or Ebay. I have no shame getting things second hand, and knowing how few times Lil' J wears her things, I try to get the best deals possible while the things still being cute.

Journey Romper from MoRiginal Designs
A favorite non-thrift non-boutique store is probably Tea Collection I was introduced to them through the blog world and have been addicted ever since. Their dresses are comfy, and my husband's favorite I think because they are so easy to get on and off. A few of the dresses Lil' J has are on sale right now, and I'm eyeballing their new line myself. I also just discovered a new place I LOVE called Zara. Lil' J isn't quite big enough for their stuff but I'm bookmarking a lot of their dresses. You are going to flip when you see the prices for the cuteness. I love Old Navy and Gap too but sometimes the prices are more than I want to spend on something that I'll most likely be seeing other kids wear.

Tutu and Tube Top from Pink Kisses Couture; Rainboots via Ebay; Bows from Walmart
Are you on Pinterest? I made a Baby Fashion pin board and I've been sharing things I love. Here are some of my recent finds:

Top left to bottom right:
Dress with Lace Belt- Zara: $17.99
Marimba Mini Dress- Tea Collection: $30
Coutryard Tile Dress- Tea Collection: $49
Lace Dress with Bow-Zara: $17.99
Striped Dress- Zara: $12.99

Forgive me if I turn into a baby/ toddler fashion blogger. I'm addicted.

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