Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's the nastiest thing you've seen your kid put in their mouth?

I have lots of catching up to do, lots to tell you about EVO, and my trip to Utah, but sadly, my internet is out at home, and it won't get fixed until Friday. But I want to update my blog, so I came to the public library to do that, (and begin my search for another preschool for Lil' J because the one she was suppose to start at next month is all of a sudden full) so I've gotta make this fast!! (Oh by the way, for those of you who asked where i got her cupcake onesie for her cake smash pics, I bought it from My 3 Girls Bowtique.)

If there's one thing I've learned over the past few months it's that I can't take my eyes off my little one for long or she'll do, or eat something she's not suppose to.
At EVO eating my Piggies and Paws phone
I asked the titled question on my Facebook Page yesterday and the responses made me feel a little better. I promised to confess what I've let my baby consume, and almost consume in a blog post today, so here we go.
A few months ago I was taking pictures of Lil' J outside and we were really in a groove. I was checking out the pictures I had just captured in my camera screen. When I looked up I noticed she had something in her mouth. That's nothing real new as she's normally finding sticks and leaves and trying to eat them outside. But about the same time I noticed she had something in her mouth I noticed a disgusting smell, and brownish green stuff started oozing out of her mouth. I lunged for her and frantically tried to grab whatever this was from her mouth. She was sticking her tongue out-I'm assuming after realizing this wasn't a yummy piece of fruit, and started crying. I would have too had I accidentally just ate a piece of squirrel poop. Yea, my daughter ate squirrel poop.

But it gets better. Last week at EVO we had two more experiences to top that. I had Lil' J with me practically by my side or on my back every moment. So it's no surprise I brought her to the bathroom with me too right?

Well, while I was washing my hands in our hotel room bathroom I turned around and noticed she was trying to eat the plastic bag in the trash can. It was a freshly changed plastic bag so there wasn't anything in it, not that bad right? WRONG. There was one tiny piece of trash in that bag. A piece of chewed gum, and that's what she was gnawing on. Nasty!

And if that wasn't enough to teach me to keep an eye on her in the bathroom, or jut leave her out all together, this last experience was.

We were at the closing party and I really had to pee. I had let Jennifer Thomas hold Lil' J when I went to get my plate of food and she hollered the whole time, so I figured I'd save everyone's ear drums and take her with me to the restroom. She needed a diaper change anyway. She had shoes on so I made her stand up and play with the toilet paper while I peed as fast as I could. I stood up, the toilet flushed automatically, and I buttoned my pants real fast while she played with the toilet paper.

Somewhere between the flush, and getting my belt fastened she had made her way to the toilet and had started licking it. Not the part your butt sits on, but the somehow-more-disgusting space where the seat opens.

I grabbed her and washed her mouth out as best as I could, but I'm not sure I saved her from whatever nastiness may be on the seat of a public restroom toilet.

I've heard some breastfeeding women say they will lick their baby's toy once it's fallen on the ground so they produce immunities to whatever germs the baby may then encounter but I'm not as dedicated as them. I don't lick her fallen toys, much less toilet seats. Nevertheless, she'll live I'm sure.

So, are you going to leave me out here in Bad Mom Lala Land, or make me feel better? What's the grossest thing you've seen your kid put in their mouth?

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