Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What to do for the next 8 months?

My husband is about to start a new career, a new job he's been applying and training for, for the last two years. I'm so thrilled for him because while he loves being home with our daughter, he's ready to get out of the house. (On a side note, I'm hoping to have him be my first guest poster and write a post for me about what it was like being Lil' J's stay at home dad for a year, but right now he's not interested. I'll keep trying.)

Now the hard part begins.

Our daughter has been on daycare waiting lists since my maternity leave and her name still hasn't come up on any of them. Most all of these are downtown near my job. So I began the search again, including searches for nannies. I'll have do do a more detailed helpful post about this later, but long story short, I found a school we like, and there are only three other little students in her class. It's not far from my job, and even though they hiked the tuition another $200 a month after I had already enrolled her and paid the deposit; and even though she will only be going three times a week and there's no part-time program, we're staying because we like it that much. I'm hoping socializing and learning with other kiddos, and having a little time away from us, at this age, will be good for her.

That said, I'm dreading dropping her off the first day. The thought of it kills me. KILLS me. Actually, I can't even think about it without getting a knot in my stomach. It's already hard leaving her big brown eyes with her daddy five days a week, I think this will be infinitely more painful. Ugh. Can't think about it. If any of you out there in cyber space have tips for getting through this, please share. My plan is to make daddy do it. She won't be as sad about him leaving her. And she'll be twice as happy to see me pick her up.
Rufflebutt Onesie from Sumos; Bow from Chloe and Maude, Leg Warmers from Happy Crawlers
Another challenge I'll have to make it through is learning to do things without my husband, or his help for the next eight months. He's going to be engrossed in work and he's warned me time and time again about the demands. He's asked for my support and I'm gonna give it. He's also promised a certain shiny prize once he makes it to the finish line, but of course I don't need bribery to help. I'd do it ether way.

So now I'm thinking of ways to get out of his hair for the next eight months. Moving to our own apartment isn't an option. We've done yoga classes already and I'd like to try something new. Maybe mommy and me swim lessons. Or gymnastics. Or sign language. Instead of shopping online, we could hit up stores. And photography is always fun. We could scope out new spots to shoot I guess.
It's just weird to think our whole family dynamic is about to shift. When I stop off at home for a quick lunch break no one will be there. We'll have to wake up earlier to get all three of us ready for work and school, pack lunches, and head out the door, where as before I could leave them two in their PJs.

I'm going to have to trust new people with my daughter. Ugh. There goes that knot again. I can do this! Soon it will all seem like normal. Right?

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