Tuesday, July 26, 2011

365 Love Letters Week 27

We hit day 200 last week! Less than 160 days left. Gotta make them good. Thanks for letting me continue to share these with you. Several people have said they wish they could have thought of/ do something like this and some do now. It got me thinking. Would you like to join in and link up? Here on out the rest of the year I'll start a Love Letter Linky. Maybe on Mondays since my What I'm Makin' Monday has been on a hiatus because I've been so busy, and it's the start of a new week. Would you be game? You don't have to do a photo a day, just one a week, or whatever you want. Add the text to the photo using something like Photoshop, Paint, or Picnik. Post it on your blog, or facebook page and link up on this post so we can visit each others. Then maybe the next week I'll share a few of my favorites. Whatcha think? Well, let me know.

Oh to this week's pictures and the stories behind them:
Dress from Adelaide's Boutique
People laugh at how she crawls on her hands and feet versus her knees. It hit me this week that she's probably learned it this way because she's always in dresses. Woops.
This isn't our car, but I noticed it in our parking lot and thought it made for a good teaching lesson.
She LOVES books. So I'm excited that it's the first--Ok, second--Fun word she's learned (after "picture")
I love taking photos with her. Gosh, I love this girl!!
Dress from Adelaide's Boutique
It wasn't me, but her daddy who got this expression out of her. I just happened to have my camera on me.
Lace Pettiromper from Oh Sweet Baby Boutique; Bow from Little Star Sweeper
This was her first time seeing a peacock. My focus was set on the right side instead of the left, where she was, so it was an accidental shot, but I love the way it came out. Big thanks to London Blue Designs, for the advice suggestion!
We've had this photo hanging in our living room for years. I thought It was fitting to capture for such a big number day.
Dress from Tea Collection
She was fascinated by the fish at the children's museum.

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