Wednesday, August 3, 2011

13 months and I keep loving you more

Dear Daughter,

You are 13 months old today but I prefer to call you one. You're just one year old. I imagine it will be hard to keep up with the number of months you are when people ask. Can't I just say one and one-and-a-half until you're two? I never know what number people want to know though when they question your age.
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Anyway, this last month you've  sorta started getting the hang of communicating. You know that your whiny growl will get you whatever you want so you usually do that first, then I try to get you to use sign language to tell me if you want milk, to be picked up, to go outside, or whatnot. You know how to sign new words like "book" and "picture" now. It's so cute to watch you do it.

You can totally take steps on your own but you still prefer to crawl. I'm not rushing the walking. I will probably miss this cute crawling stage some day so I'm just enjoying it. You'll probably be running from me when I'm taking picture of you too, which may or may not be so fun.
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We went to a candy store yesterday and I let you have a taste of my float. You loved it. You also got to taste a little big of a sucker and some cotton candy. After a little while you were yelling and laughing so loud throughout the store. I think you were on a sugar high.

I normally don't like to let you eat sweets. Unless you count fruit. But your favorite foods aren't too great for you either. You LOVE pizza. Whenever you make it you get excited at the smell and beg for some. You also love french fries. It's horrible that I even let you eat some but I understand your fascination. They are my favorite food too. Coincidentally, your dad's favorite food is pizza. Maybe it's just in your genes to like these things.
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When you finally had your one year checkup I thought you were going to be of the charts big. Or at least still in the 90th percentile for weight and height as you have been, but you were only 20lbs 1oz but you were 30in long. So you are tall, but strangely only in the 45th percentile for weight. You don't look tall and thin to me.

Your favorite things to do are dance, go outside and play, or take pictures, and your absolute favorite is to play in water. From Snoop's water bowl to the pool you can't stay away. We need to get you in swimming lessons stat!
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I love you so much little girl. More than you will ever know. Well, maybe until you have your own child some day. I think that's when you'll really get it. I'm not sure if my mom loved me as much as I love you but if she did, I have a new respect for what she went through.

Thank you for being my little friend, my bragging rights and my new reason for loving life.

I love you baby girl.



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