Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buying a jogging stroller: He says/ She says

She says: "Honey, I really REALLY want to buy a jogging stroller."
He says: "But you hate running."
She says: "Yes, but if I had a jogging stroller, I'd like it."

So, I want a jogging stroller. I've been wanting one for about a year, but I haven't been willing to shell out money for a really really nice one, and I get too overwhelmed with all of the different kinds on Craigslist, and I haven't had time to buy one, much less run with one.

Another reason I was reluctant was because I was worried about becoming an over-indulgent mom with too much baby stuff. We already have more car seats than I'm willing to admit, plus one stroller and a trike thing that has a handle to use as a stroller. Another on top of that feels a little greedy. So I'm trying to decide if I donate our other stroller and get a jogger (used, as to help with the over-consumption problem), or suck it up and have two, then donate them both when we're done.

Problem with used (specifically on Craistlist) though is people are asking like $20 less than the price for a brand new one. Who are these people?

I've had no luck at thrift stores so far.

We've loaned a bunch of our pregnancy/baby stuff to friends to take off our hands until we have another and I'm wishing I knew someone I could borrow it from--be a free storage person for them--while they wait to use it on their next kiddo. More than likely I'll buy one then find a friend this is the case for.

On top of this my husband reminded me I don't like to run. I get side aches and want to curl up and die. People who like to run tell me I'm not breathing right. I didn't realize there were so many ways to breathe.

There was a time when I ran something like five miles. Like once. I think I was 16, and trying to keep up with a friend (I never ran with her again after that). Ever since I have occasionally ran a mile in the time it takes to run three and pretend like I ran three cause it's all the same in my head.

But if I had a jogger... Everything would be different.

If any of you use a brand you like that you could recommend, let me know. Or am I just crazy with this whole stroller/running idea anyway? I seriously just want something with three wheels. Maybe an optional lock front wheel, and preferably one that won't fall apart while I'm running. Oh, and a speaker for Lil' J to listen to music would be cool too. I also would like another baby this year so I'm having that whole single vs double stroller dilemma. Decisions, decisions!

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