Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Non-Obsession With Baby Toys... Except a Few

I refuse to buy baby toys... Ok not really. I'm already guilty of buying a few that Spawnie won't be able to use for MONTHS. I think my shopping fascination will go in phases. From pregnancy to umm... Ok, maybe forever, I'll be in the clothing phase. Then once she's born I think I'll be way into books. I love books and I love reading to her already, and I think she's going to like my voice. She seems to already (I talk a lot).

Then, when she starts to smile and giggle and actually appear to have a real interest in me or things, I'll get toy obsessed. We did get a goodie box of toys from the family of the boy we babysit which I was so excited about, cause what am I to do with her adorable toybox I made (yes, I refinished this toybox 8 months preggo... This is a picture of it before I added her name!) when there's no toys inside? That's pretty lame! The one toy I've bought for her so far is one of those ring stackers. I would show you but I ordered it, and it hasn't arrived so I don't have a photo yet.

Spawnie's second toy I get her I think will be a rattle. But not just any rattle, a cute giraffe rattle from Bundled.I've been eyeballing these things since before I was pregnant! There's two things Ladybug already has too much of 1. Personalized things (did you noticed I slipped a showed a picture of her name in my last virtual baby shower post? A reader pointed it out to me and is sworn to secrecy) and 2. Pink things. So I'm trying to decide on a different colored rattle to get for her. I'm liking this bluish-green one. They're only $12, and I think if I get it now, it'll make a great decoration on her bookshelf until she arrives.

The woman who makes them, Heather, has twins boys and he decided to take her "I can make that myself" attitude and put it to use in making modern, stylish boy things.

Although her experience is different because she has TWINS she still gave me some new mama advice for my virtual baby shower (which by the way I'm loving all of your tips, and I'm hoping to print them all out and put them in a little book so thank you for offering!)
{New Mama Advice}
"I think, that being sure to have plenty of help the first few weeks is vital no matter how many babies you may be bringing home."

Heather grew up in a small town in Alabama in an active family with a super fun, crafty momma who taught her how to enjoy the crafting process and not take it too seriously. She met her husband in college and they've been together for 14 years, married for 8. "We have two wild and crazy 5 yr old boys who keep us laughing and busy at all times and one super adorable yet slightly grumpy french bulldog who loves when the boys are at preschool and he can rest peacefully in the warm Florida sun."

To learn more about Heather and her shop be sure to check out her Bundled Shop, and Twitter page @Bundled.
She's also offered to giveaway this adorable Chocolate Chip Giraffe Rattle to one of my mini virtual baby shower participants! I'll make it easy for you... Just comment with your favorite item in her shop. You get an extra entry if you tell me another baby toy you love (I need to start getting bookmarks) and/or leaving a piece of new mom advice.

I'll use to choose a winner June 2nd, so you have until June 1st at 11:59pm to enter. Good luck!

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