Thursday, June 17, 2010

20 Reasons to Stay Pregnant FOREVER!!

Before I got pregnant I decided to make a list of reasons why I DIDN'T want to get pregnant. Reverse Psychology if you will. I got the idea from my Circle + Bloom meditation lessons (one of the lessons encourages you to use this technique). At the end of that month... BAM, knocked up!

So in an effort to get Lil' J to stay in as looooong as possible (psst... Just kidding, I'm using reverse psychology now) I'm going to use the same technique.

Reasons why she should stay put:

20. I love not having to buy tampons or pads.
19. You get closer parking at Babies R Us (though this one at Central Market confuses me (with-child or with A child?) ... So I don't park there).18. I haven't pre-washed ANY of her clothes... (call me a bad mom) But the longer she waits the closer I get to just giving in and doing it to pass the time.
17. Right now it's easy to feed, bathe, sooth, and rock her to sleep. It will be much more difficult once she's out of my uterus.
16. I currently get foot rubs courtesy of my husband every night. I'm not sure if I'll still get them once the baby's here.
15. I like having an excuse to eat whatever I want when I want and just chalk it up to being "because I'm pregnant" and "craving it." Today's craving... Gumbo!14. I've always (well, since I've had this blog) been known as "Future Mama" and I'm not sure what to call myself after she's born.
13. In order for her to get out, she's going to have to emerge from my vajayjay.
12. I like seeing my belly shape into crazy contortions.
11. I'll miss thinking of her as "Spawnie."
10. I really kinda enjoy being all big and swollen. It sorta makes me feel unique.9. I still haven't decided what to wear on the way home from the hospital, this could take awhile to choose.
8. I'd like to make Snoop a new collar and leash set to welcome his new little sister home with. Maybe something pink and blue. ... Real men (and boy dogs) wear pink (yes I made this it's my hidden talent).7. People always comment on my round belly and "glow" (which is actually just sweat cause I'm so freaking hot) and it's kinda fun, I think I'll miss that when I'm no longer pregnant.
6. I haven't finished making Lil' J her 4th of July tutu dress yet. I still have to make her a bow for it, and sew on some white stars, as well as make a matching hair bow.5. I still need to find some baby book of some sort to capture her newborn feet and hand prints. I haven't found anything I'm in love with yet.
4. The 23rd is a ski camp day for foster kids, I'll get to ride on a nice, fast, bouncy boat with them... It's a small sacrifice for a great story.
3. I'm enjoying my sleep. Really. I'm getting about 8-9 hours of sleep a night easy. Especially thanks to my awesome pregnancy pillow. Snoop likes it too.2. My cankles are WAY too much fun to photograph, I don't want to stop.1. Eclipse comes out June 30th... Need I say more?

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