Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lookin' Fly On My Delivery Day in My Hot Mama Gowns

I have a confession... A big one. See, before I was pregnant I made fun of pregnant people... Well, not really, but I made fun of some of the things they do... Like bringing their own gowns to the hospital.

Yep, I saw it on a blog once and had to laugh and write a post about it. I thought it was the funniest/ lamest thing I had ever seen. Now here I am... Not even two years later bringing not one, but TWO gowns to the hospital. Yea, I'm feeling a little sheepish (and hypocritical) seeing what I wrote before.

My oh my, how time can change things, I'm a testament of that! I also said I'd have a Beemer before a Baby or a Lexus before a Little one and Lawd knows that didn't happen either! I'm sure this eating my words thing will become a regular commodity as I journey through motherhood.

To my defense, the gowns I got are WAY cuter than the others (also more than $50... But hey, I'm making more money than I was then), and they also double as great nursing gowns and totally beat the regular old gowns they give you at the hospital. And I, my friends, am ANYTHING but regular.

Some people care about having an unmedicated birth... I care about feeling good. And looking good, will help me feel good. I'm just being me and doin' me (as said in my birthing theme song "Over", by Drake) and doin' me is looking fly... Or at least trying to.

This will be the biggest, most exciting day of my life, next to my wedding day, and I was sure to look good for that day, so I want to look and feel nice for this day too.
So, what better way to look fly than to wear a Hot Mama Gown? I first heard about them when they donated one of their beautiful gowns during my March of Dimes fundraiser raffle! I knew once I got pregnant I'd be getting one. Luckily, they love me and my blog so they offered to send me one to review. My problem... I'm too indecisive and couldn't choose just one, PLUS they came out with new swaddle blankets that made my decision even more difficult. So what I do? I bought a second gown and a matching blanket. It was a pregnancy present to myself, and the only "maternity" wear I've bought my ENTIRE pregnancy (I never went and bought those maternity jeans... Or anything else for that matter).

The nice thing though is wearing my gowns won't have to stop once I give birth to Lil' J. It's perfect for nursing, and a nice nightgown to wear around the house.
I know some are probably saying "Umm girrrrl... You don't even KNOW how messy and gross it gets during labor" You're right... I don't. But I DO know that these gowns are made with a fancy organic cotton that can be easily ridden of stains.

So, what I think of them? Well, I think they're great, they're comfortable, they button down the back, so they're easily accessible for hospital staff, but your booty isn't showing when you're walking around (I'm oober shy when it comes to nakedness). They're not cheaply made to be worn one time, which I love, because I'd love to just wear them around the house when Lil' J and I are at home during my leave. There's so much thought and detail in every snap and closure, it's not just thrown together. It's made to last. They also have amazing access for breastfeeding which will come in handy especially at the hospital, but at home too!

They look nice enough to where I can answer the door in them, and not look like a crazy old lady in my PJs but not so fancy to where I won't want Spawnie's poop on them. Well, not that anyone wants poop on them... I mean it's not super delicate, and washes well.

FYI, the pictures of me in these gowns were initially taken by my husband, but just as much as he hates being in pictures, he hates taking them too, and the ones we took together didn't look as good with the flash, so I did my own self-portrait shoot in the nursery.
So, want to know my plan for wearing them? I bought the pink Grace gown to wear during labor. I wanted to buy pink to remind me of Cora's Story (a must read, beautiful baby who reminds me to get Lil' J her first Congenital Heart Disease test). I bought Lil' J a matching swaddle blanket that hopefully we can put her in shortly after she's born for pictures.THEN, after I'm all cleaned up, I'll change into my Antoinette gown, which I think looks GREAT for pictures. My hair and makeup will be touched up, and we'll be ready to go.
On a side note... Other fly-making things in my (pre)hospital bag are: Fake eyelashes, hair rollers, and makeup (just the natural-looking kind). Hate all you want... I'm doin' me!

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