Monday, June 7, 2010

Pardon the Interruption: I'm Featured!

Excuse me for budding into previously scheduled programming, I just wanted to brag a little show you something I'm excited about!

Not long ago the some of the big people over a BlogHer came across a post of mine they liked and asked if they could syndicate it on BlogHer. I love the site... Great site for women bloggers, didn't know exactly what syndication meant in terms of blogging but what the heck... I re-wrote the post for my BlogHer blog, and today... Behold, I'm on the front freaking page!

I need to remember to take a screen shot cause this day may never come again!

If you're a BlogHer member, or even if you're not, please share some love over there today!

ALSO... I had the privilege of being interviewed over on Momotics: Where motherhood meets the politics of parenthood. She interviewed the "Baby Making(g) Machine: Before the Baby." So check out that interview too! She asked some great questions.

Whew! Ok I think that's it! Let's all hope and pray that I can keep this up another few years from now and make enough to work from home. Ooops, did I just say that?... Another story for another day!

Ok... Back to today's original post: Books, Toys and Snoop, Oh My!



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