Monday, May 31, 2010

A Song for My Baby

I love music, and so does my baby girl. I've felt her kicking around in my belly for a long time and she especially likes to move when I get some tunes going or when I sing to her myself.

I don't have the best voice but I sing to her anyway and I think she likes it. I mostly sing a lot of church primary songs to her. I'm working on some labor playlists as well as a "Just Meeting" playlist. So far there's only 17 songs on that one but by far my favorite one is probably "Capri" by Colbie Caillat. One of my best friends played it for me once and said she listened to it when she was pregnant with her little girl and I went home and got it!

It's about a mother's love for her growing baby in her belly. I love singing this song to her and I hope she'll remember be singing this to her when she's out on the other side.

Here's the song, and the beautiful lyrics. For now, although my little girl's name isn't Capri, this song is a song for my baby girl, Lil' J.

She’s got a baby inside

And holds her belly tight
All through the night
Just so she knows
She’s sleeping so
Safely to keep
Her growing
And oh when she'll open her eyes
There'll be no surprise
That she'll grow to be
So beautifully
Just like her mother
That’s carrying
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
Baby inside she’s loving
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
There is and angel growin’ peacefully
Oh Capri
Sweet baby
And things will be hard at times
But I've learned to try
Just listening
Patiently, oh Capri
Sweet baby
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
Baby inside she’s loving
Oh Capri
Your beauty
Just like your mother
That’s carrying...Oh Capri

It's June! We'll be meeting soon!

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