Friday, May 21, 2010

I Can't Make Things This Cute: Mimi's Babies Giveaway

I shop too much. I went from being an Etsy browser to an avid Etsy shopper with a serious addiction. Luckily I had some money saved in my Paypal account to help with my constant splurging but sadly that money is near depletion and it won't be much longer that I'll be able to hide my addition from my husband. ... Transactions and the fact that I've become very good friends with our UPS delivery man... Blake, may give him a hunch I have a problem.
What am I ordering? Everything from diapers on sale, room decor for the nursery, clothes, oh my!

Mostly things I can't make myself, cause I have a new love for making things, especially when it ends up costing me way less.

One thing I can't do that I want to learn is how to crochet cute little hats and shoes and things. I think I'd officially feel like a nesting mom with my little ball of yarn in my rocking chair.

But until then, I'll leave it up to the pros. Like Mimi's Babies.I LOVE this picture. I can't believe I'm going to have one of these in a matter of weeks. I'm so excited, thrilled, terrified, and in doubt! Oooh, I can't wait!!

The bow on that little girl's head is from an Etsy shop run my Charissa and her mother in law, Mimi. Mimi makes all the sewn and monogrammed items in their Etsy shop including the cutest monogrammed birthday shirts.Crocheting and knitting are Charissa's things. Her Mom to taught her to crochet and for the past 20 years, she's collected, used, and created with yarn. "Now I have so much fun making crochet flower hair-clips, beanies, and baby shoes" she said.
I love these shoes she makes for little ones, she says it's the most time consuming to make, but they're so cute and worth it when they make it on little feet!

Charissa has been married for 9 years to Josh and they have three sons (now all proudly potty trained) ages from 8 to 3."Spending time with family and going to my son's baseballs games are my favorite things to do. My youngest son gets really excited when it is time to put on his 'bay-ball' shirt. This year my oldest two are playing baseball and the games are so much fun!" She said.
{New Mama Advice}
"The best piece of advice I can offer is to relax and enjoy every stage. When I was in a prenatal class before my oldest was born, one of the instructors said 'Remember everything is a stage. It might be a good stage or it might be a bad stage, but they will grow out of it either way.' If it a good stage, enjoy and cherish it. If it is a trying stage, remember this too shall pass."

Great advice!

To find out more about them be sure to check out their Mimi's Babies Facebook Page, follow @Mimisbabiesetsy on twitter and take a peek at their blog Mimi's Babies Gifts.

This is my second to last virtual baby shower giveaway and she's offering a $15 gift certificate to her shop! You can get all of the things I've pictured for under $15!

To enter just leave a comment letting me know your favorite item in her shop. Leave a piece of new mama advice for another entry, or tell me if you're as excited about mail as I am or if you just think I'm weird.

Contest ends May 30th at 11:59pm. will choose the winner, good luck!

My next post will be the CLOSE OUT of my Virtual Baby Shower! I hope you've enjoyed it, don't miss my next post tonight, I'll be revealing Spawnie's nursery and having a $155 giveaway!

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