Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thinking Ahead: Spawnie's 1st Bday Party Themes

I know it's crazy, but I'm already day dreaming about Spawnie's first birthday party. No, she's not born yet and I'm already debating between ladybug theme or butterfly theme, and picturing the cake and what she'll wear. I'm THAT CRAZY.

I'm big into princesses, but I think those parties are best served, and more enjoyed by older girls. I love looking at adorable invites, coordinating napkin holders and cupcake flags, party banners, it's just too much! And moms throwing parties these days seem so much more coordinated. Back when I was young pinatas, party hats, and kazoos weren't uncommon. Now, from photos I've seen from friend's parties, moms have got it together and got it looking cute!

Luckily I know people, people like Jen who design party goodies and decor to use to create a fun party theme. I think I'll be chatting with her when it's time for me to narrow down a theme.

I'm not crafty, I'm good at pretending like I am but really, it's all an act.

Jen, however, fell into my craft when she was planning her August 2008 wedding. She's been involved with art her entire life, starting with drawing and painting when she was 5 years old. After she graduated college, she got a freelance job with a local rape crisis clinic and started designing all of their marketing materials, including their annual report. She designed these gorgeous monograms.

After she got engaged, it was a "no-brainer" to her that she could DIY a lot of their stationery items. Other brides started asking her to design wedding stationery for them, and it blossomed from there. She designed monograms, wedding programs, invitations... you name it, she did it! From there, she grew into designing baby stationery, and then party decor. Blush Printables was literally a three year work in progress!

Jen is 26, she had a Norwegian Forest cat named Bella for about five years, but she sadly passed away from cancer this past February. They adopted Maya in March 2009 so Bella would have a friend, and they just loved each other so very much so in March 2010, they welcomed Bailey!

Human kids are on their radar too! "We have babies on the brain and have planned to start a family within the next six months -- so your blog is absolutely incredible and such a wonderful resource of information for me. I just love it!"

{New Mama Advice}
1. "This is probably a no-brainer, but always make sure that you make time for your family! Sometimes it's easy to get overextended and have anxiety over trying to balance time between work and play. My fondest childhood memories are my dad teaching me how to play softball, going on California vacations with just my mom, and my grandparents pushing me on the swing. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and even though they were both busy running their own businesses, neither of them ever missed an art show, a softball game, taking pictures at homecoming or prom, or being there for any other milestone in my life. My mother is an excellent example of balancing work and home life, and so is my father. I am forever grateful for the life they gave me and the sacrifices that they made."

2. "Be assertive for what you need. Don't be afraid to tell friends and family what you really need -- let them know how helpful it would be to take on household chores [maybe someone can unload that dishwasher for you!] or help out with grocery shopping. Even help with laundry would be fantastic! Have a list of to-do items so that you don't have to remember what you need."

3. "Celebrate, and make new traditions! I bet if you look back to your own childhood, you have a slew of warm memories of being surrounded by your friends and family during birthdays and holidays. Carry on those same traditions, but start new ones that are unique to your new family."

If you have Twitter be sure to check Jen out at @ohsoglam and Blush Printables on Facebook. Her new adorable behind-the-scenes blog is Blush Printables and of course here's her Etsy Shop.

My Mini Virtual Baby Shower Week is coming to a close but Jen has offered one of my party-goers a $75 gift certificate to her shop! Anyone can enter and put it towards buying something that is ready-made or to contact her with a fully customized order.! Just visit her shop and let me know what you like in the comments! Leave a comment with new mommy advice for another entry! Or a birthday party theme idea!
You have until June 3rd 11:59pm to enter! will choose the winner! Good luck!

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