Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sleep... I'll Enjoy it While it Lasts

The #1 thing I hear over and over and over and over again from people who have children and know I'm having my first is "Enjoy your sleep now." Like I posted over a year ago before I was even THINKING about having a baby, was the #1 thing I'll miss... Sleep.

I love to sleep, I love naps. I HATE waking up early, and I can get pretty emotional when I don't get enough sleep. I'm not so cranky, but I'm emotional (I'm normally emotional but this magnifies it).

However... I think certain things make loosing sleep worth it: Christmas morning, new puppies, and procrastination on a research paper. When we first got Snoop I'd wake up at every little stir he made, and I was sure to take him out of the bathroom at the slightest appearance he had to go.

This meant getting bundled up in my winter jacket, getting his leash hooked up, and trekking out into the snow while I waited for him to "go potty." Granted, I know this isn't as demanding as waking up to a crying baby every few hours, and staying up while she eats and falls back asleep, but it was a little bit of practice.

Pregnancy... Well that's even more practice. I think you could argue the lack of sleep most women get the months before baby is born are in preparation for what's ahead. I have to pee at least twice a night, which could be worse.

I use to have soreness in my back when I first started to get bigger, so I decided it was time to try out some different sleeping techniques. Putting a pillow between my knees helped a little. Then one of my friends gave me her pregnancy pillow. It's shaped kind of like a worm. I liked it but since I'm so tall (about 5' 11") I had a hard time keeping it between my knees as well as under my head. I also was missing a nice little wedge for my tummy.
I got a Womb for Two and honestly haven't looked back. Based on what I've researched, it's the most comprehensive, and best pregnancy pillow out there. No really, my husband has even tried it an he likes to use it when I get up (not that he's pregnant, he just likes it)!

We have a California King bed in our room, and a Queen bed in the nursery. It takes up about half of the Queen bed but fits AWESOME in the King.
It was developed by Julie, a former prenatal massage therapist. Over 12 years of helping women in her own Pregnancy Massage Center, women would tell her about their sleeping problems, and she's send them home with tips. One day she had an "a-ha" moment for a design, and the idea was born.

She practiced with clients, then tested it herself during her own pregnancy and tweaked a few final details.
Julie has been married since, 2006 and they had Aviva, their little girl, in 2008. Together they've done all kinds of social dancing (contra dance, waltz, tango, swing, etc.) Now their little girl is their favorite preoccupation! They're also very involved in the life of their synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom.

This mama gave me some great advice to use as I become a mom.

{New Mama Advice}
1. Make sure you have help in the first few weeks, even if you have to hire someone!
2. Give yourself grace as you find your own center as a mom. Read and listen all you can--b/c information is power--and then trust yourself to make the right decisions for your daughter. Adjust as necessary.
3. We found ourselves in the attachment parenting camp in the non-guilt section. Attachment is a priority, and also sometimes you have to take care of yourself first. I recommend that as a happy parenting starting point.

You can learn more about the Womb for Two by checking out their website. You can also follow @Womb4two on Twitter or "Like" Womb for Two on Facebook.

Here's also a quick video of me showing off how it works. A BIG thank you to my husband for being my videographer. He cracks me up.

The pillows inside can be removed and reused after pregnancy as regular pillows. The case is easily washed, and it's all made right here in the USA! The only thing I find as a downside is less snuggling with my hubby. He's not much of a snuggler anyway so he's probably appreciate the break. The few nights I've tried sleeping without support, I'm feeling it the next morning, so I'm picking my battles.
I've been so excited to let my pregnant friends know about this pillow, to feature it and to give one away to one of my virtual baby shower party-goers this week!

If you'd like to WIN a Womb for Two visit their site and tell me one of the benefits you've learned about the pillow in the comments! Leave another comment with a bit of pregnancy advice if you'd like an additional entry. You get 2 more chances to win following their Facebook and Twitter page and letting them know you saw them from my blog! My blog followers also get an extra entry.

You have until June 13th at 11:59pm to enter! will choose a winner! Good Luck!

*Thanks Womb for Two for providing the pillow to review and giveaway. No compensation was recieved, opinions are all mine.

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