Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are Giveaway Blogs Annoying?

Every blog has it's day... And purpose. Mine is to document my journey toward motherhood, and along the way here and there give out some freebies that I happen to come across. But it's come to my attention that some of you HATE giveaways. It's ok, you can admit it, we all feel like we never win right? I won a crib on one so I can't really be a hater.

I try my best to make mine fun, and tie them in to my regular style and not make them too "commercialish" but ya know... You can't win them all.

Last week I mentioned I'd be doing a butt load of giveaways this week only as my virtual baby shower. Some I guessed missed the memo.

I got an email from one of my readers today that inspired this post, and I thought I'd share it, and my reply in case some of you others are wondering the same thing.

I read your blog and I really enjoy your personal posts. I must say, though, you have WAAAY too many giveaways. It so frustrating to come to your blog day after day only to see more products and giveaways. You are such a sweet, insightful, and fun writer. I love hearing about your baby journey, but all these giveaways may cause me to quit reading soon. SO SAD!
My reply:
Hey Girl! Thanks so much for writing! I really appreciate knowing that people actually care what I have to say! I feel like I mostly write for myself and sometimes am like "Wow... no one really cares that I have cankles, why am I putting this out there? Someone is going to throw up!" But I definitly enjoy writing no matter who's reading!

To be honest I don't enjoy giveaways as much myself, haha! But since I have a few items that I've been needing to write about for awhile I decided to dedicate JUST THIS WEEK to giveaways as a "
virtual baby shower."

Trust me, I'm not wanting to turn into one of those giveaway mommy blogs, and a little while after little girl is born I'm wanting to put an end to them all together! And next week it'll be back to me blabbing about who knows what :)

If you do miss my writing though know that
my other blog on has no giveaways, and I'm writing regular posts there this week :)

But until then, I hope you'll stick around, I promise I'll be back!


So, what do you think? Love 'em? Hate em? What about on your blog? It's not the reason I started my blog. I like sharing things I find, often times things I even buy, and offer one for free to one of yall. I also like to feature women entrepreneurs and "give back" a little in that way on from time to time on my blog. I do keep them related to my life and what I'm going though.

That said, I usually don't do a lot of them, just once a week for my Full Term of Giveaways, though this week... Especially to people who don't like them, you'll notice a lot, but hey... That's cause it's giveaway week and it's already Thursday so just two more days! Starting Monday (or sooner) I'll be back to my rambles, and like I mentioned in my response to the emailer, my blogging will be a lot different and back to the basics after Spawnie arrives.

I'm flattered that some of you miss my "regular" posts after just a few days, cause quite honestly, I didn't know so many of you cared!

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