Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Ladybug, I Made You Something

Dear Daughter,

I'm writing this on a big milestone day... We are 35 weeks today and have 35 days to go! I was so excited when I counted and realized that and wanted to tell everyone how cool it was, then I realized that it's not just MY pregnancy and due date that happens to have that coincidence... But everyone who makes it to 35 weeks has the same milestone. So much for thinking we were unique! I can be a ditz sometimes.
I'm so excited to meet you in about a month but at the same time I'm like "woah! slow down!" I really don't mind being pregnant and sometimes I think about how fast it's going and wish I could just put it on "pause" for a little while so I can finish preparing for you.

There's still so much to do with work before I leave, and many things I'm trying to get organized and cleaned around the house. Nothing is as important as you are but I just know things may be a little chaotic for awhile when you first get here so I'd like to feel settled before if I can so I can devote all of my time and energy to you without stressing about other things... If that's even possible.

I know it's silly but I've been making a lot of things still. Crafting and putting things together for your room is my new favorite hobby. You daddy says if I spent this much time with the rest of the house our place would look really nice. That may be true but I'd much rather just have your area be the cute spot.

I never use to like decorating before but now I'm beginning to, maybe I'll get more into it now that I've gotten a taste.

This week I made you three things, and a fourth thing or you room.
I made this piggy bank for you. I painted your name on one side and painted ladybugs all around it. It sorta looks like a 5 year old made it but oh well, one day maybe you'll appreciate it. I'll start collecting change for you and teach you how to save with it when you're old enough.

I also made you a toybox. You don't have many toys yet but we'll work on that. Books can go in here too, you have LOTS of books already. Here's how the toybox started...
Not pretty. It had crayon marks on it and it was pretty yucky looking, but only $20 on Craigslist. So I cleaned it, added primer, and lots and lots of white paint and some gloss!It got to looking pretty but what REALLY made it come together is this vinyl I got from the Etsy shop Jazzy Graphics.They were so nice and sent me your name and extra butterflies when I told them I was making a toybox for you. I'm so excited with how it turned out and I think you'll love it! Your daddy really likes what I did with it. He's impressed with my skills.

I still need to make it safe so you don't squish your fingers. I'll add a hinge so it'll close slowly, then some padding in the corners to keep it from shutting too tight.

I also made these pillows for your room this week, they match your bedding and curtains.And I made these baskets to go up on the ledge in your room!
And finally... I made this paper chain.Some would say it's a little childish but I love making paper chains to count down to things I'm excited for. I had one for my wedding, for when your dad and I were going to be reunited when we spent a summer apart, and now for your arrival! I must say this is my prettiest one yet!

It's not like I need a reminder that you're coming, I think about that all of the time, but it's a fun way to count down the days.
You're about 5 and 1/4 pounds now, and about 18 inches, which is crazy to think you're like a full-sized baby! Your kidneys are fully developed, you're mostly just getting chubber and chubbier now, which is good. I want some chubby cheeks to kiss! It's weird looking at these baby drawings. I remember when it depicted you as a little worm-looking thing. The nickname "Spawnie" was much more appropriate then.

I feel like I can feel you from all sides at once at times! Other times I get paranoid when you're napping, but you nap a lot more now, and there's less room for you, so I'm not feeling as many hard kicks as I do just you squirming around. I'm trying to pay special attention since we're on the home stretch now and I want to get you here safely! Just two more weeks until you're full term and can come out any time!

We had a doctor's appointment this week though and oh how you were moving! Our doctor just sat and stared at you moving around your... She said knee, but I would have guessed foot or something.

Oh, you really like Beyonce. Especially that song "Single Ladies" I'm not sure what it is with babies and that song. I think you're going to be a little dancer!

I hope you're having fun in there. Keep cooking a little longer baby girl. Just 5 more weeks and we can play all you want!


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