Friday, May 21, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower Finalie: Baby Girl's Nursery

The room isn't COMPLETELY done yet, but I'd say about 90% is. I still want to get some vinyl lettering (I'm such a Mormon) for above her bedroom and bathroom doors. I'm not big on "Princess" but I found one I LOVE that says "Princess: Daughter of a Heavenly King" and I think that would be PERFECT! Just gotta find the right size, and once again make a plaque for it.

I need to lower the mobile so she can actually see it, I hope to do that in the next few weeks.
I'm also working on finishing the decorations that go up on this ledge but I've made good progress. I'm making a mini-mobile to go in a white birdcage I got to go up there, I'm stringing some more paper butterflies inside it to make it a "butterfly cage."
I didn't show it off yet cause I was waiting to get it set up right but finally, here's the crib bedding I ordered from
What do you think? I said if I was having a girl I wouldn't settle on bedding and I didn't!

I added the big satin bows to the bumpers because they came with smaller ones than I wanted, but I think the ones I put on look nice! I'm going to sew them on once Baby Girl gets big enough to crawl around and tries to pull them off but for now they'll do tied on!

I got some extra pink and green fitted sheets at Ikea, four for $16, so I'll use those when she pukes/pees/poops on these and it's in the wash. She will be sleeping in a bassinet for a while before she moves to her crib though so they'll be able to stay nice and clean.
Kim, the owner of Artistic Sensations was way cool in working with me on ordering my bedding. I was very picky and only had one picture for her to go by as far as what I wanted it to look like and they did a good job. It wasn't free, I saved for this baby, but it's so worth it!

Now she's helping me spice up the nursery in adding some artwork to the room to match her bedding! There's three choices and whatever you vote for is what I get! So help me pick the cutest one! Oh, and if you vote, you'll also be entered to win a set for your own room! If you have a boy or different taste it's ok, there's TONS of choices on their site to choose from, it's a $155 value!

Here's the choices for Spawnie's room.
(Choice 1)

(Choice 2 below)
(Choice 3 below)I really don't have a preference, and if you've been reading awhile you know how indecicive I am! It's impossible to choose, so since I like them all, and narrowed it down to these, I'll let you choose!

And to get a more up-close look at the nursery bedding, here's a video!

Kim, the woman behind Artistic Sensations has always wanted to have her own business with a creative twist and the perfect fit is in the home décor and design arena. "What could be more fun than getting to pick products for your customers that you would pick for yourself or your child’s room and marketing them with passion," she said. "In addition, I wanted a business where I would be available to my children for their activities, to be there when they woke up and went to sleep. Selling custom bedding, furniture, room décor and furnishings from baby to college age on the Internet is exciting and different every day. Its pretty fulfilling to create children’s dream rooms with unique, customized, high quality products that I would use for my own children."

She has two sons, two yellow labs (which are also boys) and her husband therefore the "queen of the castle." She and her family always look forward to the weekends and they try to do a fun activity or dinner together.

You can learn more about her by following @Kidsroomdecor on twitter or by checking out their Artistic Sensations Facebook Store.

{New Mama Advice}
"Smile. Breathe. Take time for yourself too. Everyday is a gift. My kids teach me to view the world with open eyes and treat every day with gratitude and happiness. There is nothing better than loving on your new baby and hugging on them as they get older. Enjoy every minute. Remember how they smell. Smother them with kisses. I know it sounds cliché, but its all so precious. Every single day of it."

So, want to win some art for you own room? You can win 3-4 Pieces of art like Spawnie's worth $155! Just vote for Spawnie's (right sidebar) AND let me know what you like from Artistic Sensations in the comments! Here's some more of the imagination square art choices.

For an extra entry leave a piece of new mommy advice or let me know what you think of Spawnie's nursery so far!

The poll and giveaway ends June 11th at 11:59pm. will choose a winner! Good Luck!

*I was not compensated for writing the bedding review. The giveaway and contest for Spawnie's art is sponsored by Artistic Sensations.*

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