Friday, June 4, 2010

Ok, You Can Come Out Now!

Dear Lil' J,

We've made it! You won't be premature if you're born any time now so you are good to come whenever!! I still have projects I'm trying to finish at work and like I said before, the cleaners are coming on the 14th, so it would be nice if you could wait another week or so but really, I know it's up to you. I just wish I knew when you were coming so I could plan accordingly. But I guess this is just getting me prepared for you running the show for the rest of my LIFE!

I should be done with my work stories after this next week, I'm hoping I am at least, it'll be so nice to feel completely and totally ready and I think I will after that. Right now I worry if I went into labor I'd have to go to work and rush to get things done before going to the hospital. It's crazy I know. I'm obviously not that worried though or else I wouldn't be taking a vacation day today and writing to you right now. It'll all work out!
We are going to put your car seat in the car this weekend, and hopefully go get it checked somewhere before bringing you home in it to make sure we did it right. It can't be too hard right?

Oh my goodness, I downloaded a video ap on my iphone and FINALLY caught you moving in my belly on video! I'm glad I'll have that to save.

We went to the doctor this week and she measured my tummy and said "Wow, you have a big baby!" I couldn't help but smile cause at least that means you're healthy right?

She says you're very long, you don't have much room in there as your head is very far down, and your butt is all the way up in my ribs... Your legs are squished in there too. She predicts if you go to your due date you'll most likely be well over 8lbs and maybe as long as I was... 22 inches! I guess we'll see.

She also said you may get a bit of a conehead coming out which worries me a little. I know it's not permanent but I already sometimes have scary dreams about you coming out as an alien, so a conehead may remind me a little of that.

It's ok though, we have lots of cute beanies we can over it up with until it goes down if that's the case.

We also checked and we're already dilated 1cm. So just 9 more to go!! Woohoo. I'm trying to walk a lot, park further away, do yoga, jump around and stuff to help the process. I also bought some Evening Primrose Oil pills... who knows if they'll work. I didn't start taking them yet but I may in about a week and a half.
I have your going home outfit packed with a cute dress, sweater, hair bow, and mary jane socks to match but my friend Danielle sent me these ADORABLE shoes and hair bow from Curly Birdie. So now I either need to change your outfit so they match, or get another pair... Oooh they are SOOOO cute! I don't spend $20 on my own shoes Lil' J, cause I have big ugly feet, but I will for you! Your feet are little and cute!
I may get you these to match the cute outfit I already have packed for you! We'll see though, I have to ask your daddy, and he thinks you already have enough shoes. ... Don't ever let a man tell you you have enough shoes Ladybug.

We are so excited for you to get here. I can hardly contain myself! I would say keep growing but maybe I should be more specific... Keep growing hair, cute chubby cheeks, and chubby legs. Keep getting smarter and practicing your blinking, thumb sucking and all that other stuff that will help you when you get out. Oh, practice sleeping too, we'll both be needing some of that once you come out.

I love you baby girl, I can't wait to meet you!



Ok, let's here your guesses, what did you vote in the poll, when do you think she'll make her debut? My guess/hope: June 23rd!

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