Sunday, June 20, 2010


I feel like a prisoner strapped to a ticking time bomb. I don't know when it will go off but if I leave a certain radius it's sure to set off a trigger and explode--and we'll be screwed.

I've already organized the nursery.
Gotten Snoop's shots, nails trimmed, and fresh bath.
Had the house cleaned (and kept up with it).
Pampered myself with a spa manicure/pedicure.
Got my hair done.
Found a pediatrician.
Packed our hospital bags.

And now I have a sudden urge to do totally irresponsible things that maybe I shouldn't do in my stage of pregnancy:

Walk my dog at 11pm--In the hood.
Pre-purchasing midnight showing of Eclipse tickets, which premiers 5 days past my due date.
Go on a 6 hour trip alone (1.5 hours driving each way and a 3 hour church session in between).
And go on a potentially bumpy boat ride.

I never thought I'd be one of those people itching to have the baby out at the end of a pregnancy. I never understood the difference between a couple of weeks, it's not that much time. And really--This pregnancy has been super easy, and I'm still sleeping well. Yes, sleeping. Which I know I'll be missing soon.

Oh, and I know so many moms are thinking to themselves "enjoy your rest!" I promise I am, I sleep over 8 hours a night only with brief sleepwalking trips to pee. I'm resting A LOT... It's deciding what to do when I'm NOT resting that's driving me nuts.

I've been ready for this baby since I decided to throw out the birth control, I'm just ready to meet her already.

Part of the problem is work. Every day I show up at work at least one person says "You're still pregnant?" No... Actually I just LOOK like I'm still pregnant. I had my baby last week but decided to come back to work. Maybe it SEEMS like I've been pregnant forever, and trust me, I'm ready to be done as much as you're ready to hear I've birthed my baby, but the fact is I haven't even passed my due date.

I have done all of the major things and all that's left are little frou frou things that I can't even get myself to do. If I'm going to be waiting around and want to "relax" and "get my mind off it" then I'd at least like to not feel contained. My OB never told me to stay within a certain time/distance limit of the hospital, however I have a feeling it's a good idea.

I'm doing a story this week with kids on ski boats and if I'm going to report on it I might as well be on the boat! I don't want to stand on the shores burning up just watching! I'm sure it's not DANGEROUS. Though I won't want to be stranded at sea... I'll make sure I can get to shore quickly if need be. There will be ambulance--Convenient in case I need to deliver right there. I'll double check with my OB just to be sure but as long as riding on a boat can't cause brain or shock damage to my unborn child I'll go for it.

One of my readers recently told me she basically set another due date, two weeks after the date her doctor gave her so if the baby arrived before then she'd be happy, and not expecting it before then. Brilliant idea that I wish I had thought of before. But no... I've had June 25th circled, starred, and paper chained to celebrate this special day which she'd arrive on--Or hopefully before. Stupid, stupid me!

I conversed with Dr. Google about due dates with first time moms. According to many sites first time moms average 8 days PAST their due date! How could this be? All of my first time mom friends have gone early! I suppose if 5 out of 10 go late, and 5 friends I know have gone early then I'm bound to be one of the 5 who goes late. No... I can't be one of the less than 5% who has her baby ON her due date because I already know two people like that.

I did also read on one of the sites that women of color tend to go earlier. Who the heck knows why, or if that's even true. That article was written in the 90s.

I can't sit around. It gets SO OLD. And blogging can only entertain me so much. And then when I'm home with my new baby I'll REALLY be at home a lot--Busy with her of course, but talk about cabin fever!

I was talking with a friend at work last week who said she brought her little girl to this thing called "baby day" at a theater in town the last time she was on maternity leave. It's Tuesdays during the day, and the lights are kept up a little so you can feed them and stuff. Plus there's lots of other babies around so no one feels bad for having a crying baby nearby.

I'm not sure if I'll feel up to going out and sitting in a theater with an infant but I'm trying to think of easy outings so I won't go crazy at home. Walks with Snoop... And possibly movies will be the extent of my outings most likely. Granted we are taking trips to see family during my leave too, I guess that'll be enough excitement for a new mom... Which I'm ready to be!

I don't mind waiting for her to make her arrival but I'd at least like to walk on the wild side a little while I wait. Someone stop me from doing something crazy. First, late night strolls in the hood, next stop: Six flags.

Update: I wrote this last night when I was ready to pull my hair out. Youtube has since helped ease my boredom and I've had an epiphany for something more constructive and less destructive I can do while I wait for Lil' J's arrival.--That's to learn this dance before my due date. Wish me luck!

Any other ideas to take my mind off of possibly flying past my due date?

Want to learn the dance with me? I'm using this guy to teach me ;)

And Happy Father's Day to all the dads and Future Daddy's out there!

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