Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh Boy

The oldest trick in the book, blog style. Sadly those weren't my positive pregnancy tests. But I have decided if I do get pregnant between now and next April I'm definitely saving the announcement until April 1st, then not speaking a word of it again until delivery.

I got about 40 of yall, and only published the comments of those who forgot it was April Fools Day. The other 120  or so weren't fooled. I published those late last night. It was funny reading the range of responses from "AGAIN?!" to "Wow, you're on your way to having a true Mormon family..." to a few sad faces. Sorry if it offended anyone. Seriously. I know pregnancy is a touchy subject for some people and that wasn't the purpose, the purpose was to make you laugh, which I think most everyone totally got. Especially ones who forgot about the date for a moment or Googled "positive pregnancy tests."

Good news is one of my readers, someone who comments on almost every single one of my posts--Even the lame ones where no one comments found out SHE'S pregnant yesterday, after trying for 11 months! So congratulations to Toi! I didn't believe her at first, and she didn't get why. So show her some love when you get a chance!

One of my friends pretend-chopped off her finger and freaked her husband out. My husband and I changed our relationship status on Facebook to "open relationship," which got curious responses. Did you or your kids pull any pranks?



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