Monday, May 30, 2011

I've Got Nothin': What I'm (Hopefully) Makin' Monday

Once again I haven't been feeling crafty enough to make anything this week, nor have I been motivated to cook. So I have nothing to report on what I've made over the past couple of weeks. But, since I've been freaking out about the fast approaching deadline for planning Lil' J's party I thought I'd make a list of things I want to make, and maybe it'll help me get organized at the same time.

I was planning her birthday party when she was a month old but stopped because it seemed so far away. Now I'm kicking myself for not just planning the whole thing right then and there. Time FLEW!

I'm thinking of changing the party venue to a place that will be free instead of the space we rented for $75. I have about a week to scope out my friend's pool and decide.

Oh, did I mention I want to do a bug-themed party? I'm thinking ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies, those sort of things. I think a friend of mine is going to help me come up with the graphics but here's some of the general ideas I have so far to make or buy.

As for other things, here's what I have in mind to make:

A birthday banner. I like the idea of mixing and matching the patterns, and I like the flag-type of banner.


Actually, in searching for a photo of that banner I found a ladybug birthday party blog post and now I'm oober intimated.

Anyone who's planning on coming to this thing, just know that I'm not THAT organized, crafty, or rich enough to pull that off with help.

I'm thinking of making either ladybug cupcakes for the party.
 As well as a cupcake stand.

And either making or ordering a ladybug smash cake for pre-party pictures. Anyone know how they got the ladybug's antenna to stay upright like that?
I'm getting good at taking photos but I'm leaving the birthday party and pre-party professional photos to Forever Bliss. So I can just sit back and enjoy it all. But before it all even gets going I'd love to capture her first taste of cake doing something like this...

Then frame some of them for her birthday party.

I still need to get my invitations designed and ordered, and set a menu, plus figure out how to add the other bugs into this party. Maybe I'll do dragonfly cookies or something. Or maybe other bugs will just be on the invite.

I'm also not sure what we're getting her yet but I'm thinking it'll be a new rear-facing car seat, cause she needs one. I'm pretty sure other than that she'll be more fascinated with eating the wrapping paper.

So sorry I'm cheating on my Makin Monday post this week. I'm too tired to add my linky stuff right now but if you made something link up in the comments so I can check it out! And feel free to continue to share your party advice! I love it all!

And Happy Memorial Day!!

Sorry if there's typos, I'm writing this after being up for I don't know how long and I'm too tired to read this over a third time before bed. It was post now or never. Don't judge me.

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