Thursday, May 5, 2011

Only two months 'til you're 1

My Little Journey,

You are growing so fast now. You have four teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom. And two more teeth coming in on the top near your front two teeth. These seem to be hurting you the most which makes me so sad because you are such a happy girl, and it's so sad when you're feeling down.

When you're happy you laugh, and smile, and crawl around with your mouth hanging open. You could catch flies with that pie hole. You'll dance when you hear music. You'll bounce up and down bobbing your knees. Every morning you look bigger to me, and are heavier when I pull you out of your crib. Then I look down at my stomach and remember when you were living in there. It's crazy thinking about that. And it's crazy that you are my daughter. It's still mind boggling.
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There are a few things I've trained you to do. One, you like to wear hair accessories. People always ask me how I get you to keep things in your hair. I think part of it is because I've put hair bows on you since birth, and partly because you just like to be prissy. Hats aren't as easy but if I hold them on your head for a few seconds as you try to pull them off you give up and forget they're there.

You still love books, and we love reading to you. You like to clap and you're starting to give high fives too.

You don't say a ton yet but you have "mama" and "dada" down. Sometimes you'll even say "mommy" and "daddy."

Eating is one of your favorite things to do. You love to eat what I'm eating, and you especially love celery, berries and more berries. Your favorites are strawberries and blackberries. We haven't tried blueberries yet but I think that'll be next. The only problem is remembering to put a bib on you so you don't stain your pretty dresses. I need to learn how to wash the stains out.

You're still nursing like a champ, but our freezer stash of milk is running low. We started with 220oz when I went back to work and we're down to about 30 I think. I need to continue to be diligent about pumping so we can get through these last couple of months. I worry a little that you may have a dairy intolerance because sometimes your face breaks out when you have a little cheese. I hope whole milk sits well with you in a few months. I'll stop pumping but I'll keep nursing you as long as you want--Or until you're two or something, I dunno. I haven't thought that far.
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I miss you all day every day when I have to leave you for work. I hate when you cry when I walk out the door, and I hate that I'm missing so much time with you, seeing the funny new things you do everyday, and just hanging out as the two of us. We get time on my days off and at night but it just doesn't seem like enough sometimes. I think that's one reason I want to keep nursing you, I love how close it brings us.

You are already 10 months old. I'm already planning your first birthday party, and I'm hoping it'll be fabulous! That's only two months away and it makes me excited and sad at the same time. I can't believe you're already almost one. Almost a toddler. I just want you to stay my baby forever and to stop growing. That's one reason I'm in no hurry for you to walk. But I'm sure you'll learn on your own anyway. You're already cruising around furniture and I never taught you that. I imagine you'll learn some of these things on your own.

Sometimes we go to the store and you don't want me to set you in the shopping cart, you want me to hold you as we walk around and shop together. It annoys me slightly but at the same time I know one of these days you're going to want to get down and walk on your own and I'll be standing there wishing you wanted me to hold you.
You are beautiful, and I love you and your father so much. I got lucky with a perfect husband and a perfect baby. When things get hard at work or with life in general I just think about how blessed I am to have you two and things seem to feel a little bit better.

Keep growing little one. I love you!



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