Monday, September 26, 2011

Things to do Before Baby #2

I know I want more children, but I'm not exactly sure when. I do know I'm loving spending time with my only daughter, and my husband as the three of us (and Snoop). One happy family.

For now, I want to cherish these moments and live them to the fullest before we become a family of four. Which by the way, if you happened to pop over to BabyCenter today you may have read my guest post on convincing him it's time for #2. No, I'm not doing any convincing right now, we are both happy and content with just one for now. But I wrote about this here before Lil' J was conceived and y'all were able to laugh with me so I thought I'd spruce it up and share it with the rest of the world.

Now, see you here who read my blog get me and my sense of humor. I'm not exactly sure what's up with these BabyCenter moms but they can't take a joke. I can't bare to read any more of them comments because I keep smacking my forehead and shacking my head in disappointment. I hope they aren't that serious all the time.
My dress: eShakti (use code "BMM0811" for $20 off); Her dress: Tea Collection
Anyway, the first baby bucket list I made was a pretty bad fail. I didn't accomplish most of the things as my baby fever overtook me. So no GRE, no graduate school, no traveling the world, and I can't even remember what else I wanted. This time I'm going for more realistic, and mostly aiming for things I'd like to work on and go do with my family. If I do it all, cool. If not, it's ok too. But this will be a way to keep my mind on my growing little girl without thinking too much about the future.

Comparing my two lists I can't help but laugh. Boy, how things change!

I'll cross these off as I accomplish them.

To do together as mother/daughter, or family:
1. Go on a bike ride.
2. Take swimming lessons.
3. Take a dance class with hubby.
4. Feed ducks.
5. Visit a pumpkin patch.
6. Take a trip to the zoo.
7. Get a mother/daughter pedicure.
8. Go kayaking as a family (with Snoop too).
9. Go to the circus.
10. Go to a concert.
11. Shop at the farmers market.
12. Take a stroller strides class.
13. Visit our state capitol.
14. Visit our local black history museum.
15. Complete a sewing class.
My dress: Ruffle Cascade Dress via eShakti (use code "BMM0811" for $20 off); Her dress: Tea Collection
Other to do:
1. Establish a regular date night with the hubs for AT LEAST once a month.
2. Teach my daughter how to fold her arms when we pray.
3. Make my will (I know, it's horrible I haven't done this yet).
4. Open Lil' J's savings/bond/college account.
5. Open our 401K.
6. Be cooking dinner (non-frozen meals) at least 3 nights a week. <--- This may never happen.
7. Take a creative writing course.
8. Get a 50mm 1.4 lens (for new newborn pics!)

Anything else I should add? What have you enjoyed doing with your families?

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