Thursday, October 13, 2011

A few things about Black hair: Black Folk 102

Continuing in my random series to educate those who may not know (m)any Black people, I thought I'd share a few things about Black hair that some may not know. I say "some" but  I actually think a lot of people don't know these things based on random comments I get from people.
1. Don't ask me where my daughter gets her curly hair. It takes every bit of strength not to look at you like you just landed from Mars. My hair is naturally curly, just like every other Black person--At least any I know. I'm sure there are exceptions but as a general rule, our hair is curly. I straighten it with a flat iron once a month.

2. Yes, once a month. You don't have to be shocked when I tell you that's how often I wash my hair. Trust me, it's ok.

This may be getting a little deep but stay with me...

Since my hair is naturally curly; because I don't have a relaxer (a chemical straightening agent) and I wear it straight for TV, I limit the amount of product and heat I use on it to keep it from damaging. Plus, the natural oils from my hair don't make my hair greasy and gross, but healthy and shiny.

3. Let's say you do know a little bit about Black hair. That doesn't necessarily make it ok to call it "good" or "bad" or ask if I'm wearing a weave. Yea yea, I know Chris Rock did a documentary to educate people about the mysteries of Black hair but that doesn't mean it doesn't offend me.
I'm not saying these things out of anger, but in hopes to help people not embarrass themselves. One anonymous commenter last week said she's white, and was offended that I "ranted" about what you shouldn't call a Black person. I believe I made it very clear that "the 'N' word" offends me no matter what you look like, and quite frankly, I'd never heard a white person say #4 on that list.

Anyway, these aren't rants, but things on my mind that could help some people out there (any background) in never never land who have never ever had this conversation with a Black person.



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