Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toddler Valentines Fashion and Treats

This will be Lil' J's second Valentines Day but her first one at a school. So because this is also a significant "first" I want to make it special and do the whole Valentines shebang for her class.

Good news is I have Mondays and Tuesdays off, which Valentines Eve and Valentines Day fall on this year. So it'll give me a chance to pretend like I'm an awesome Suzie Homemaker and make treats with her, for her class.

Here are a few ideas I've been scoping off Pinterest:
Valentines Whoopie Pies
Happy Valentines Day for "Crayon" out loud. Vday Crayons

Kisses and Hugs Cupcakes
Lovely butterfly suckers
There's more where that came from, and cute outfits I want to try to make on my Mini Love board. The suckers seem like they involve more drawing/writing than cooking, which is good, and it has traditional candy, but I don't know what all of the parents will think about the candy. Cupcakes on the other hand... that's not so bad right? And whoopie pie (is that seriously what those things are called?)! Yum! I can just picture the messy hands and smiling faces chowing down on those things. But I have a feeling it wouldn't be the easiest to make, or shape as cute as the ones pictured.
The crayons are just perfect, and I think I'll do that for the cute factor, and have Lil' J help me put them in heart-shaped pans. Maybe I'll do those and the whoopies since we'll have a pan to make those shapes and she loves "cookin" (she says this now when we're in the kitchen and she wants to put something in the oven. I can't believe she's my child).

When it comes to clothing, we're getting there. I was hoping she'd wear Valentines outfits to school from mid-January through Valentines Day but that hasn't quite happened. I've only had time to make her one dress so far so I've called on reinforcements.

Lil' J's first tutu was from Cutie Pa Tutu, and now dozens of tutus later, I still haven't seen any made like hers. We got these this week and the first thing she said when she saw them was "BALL" (in her thick country accent it sounds more like "bawl") cause of the the little puff balls enclosed inside the tulle.

When she walked into school wearing this her teachers squealed and said they were wondering when she was going to start showing up in all of her Valentines gear.
All she wanted to do was blow bubbles when we were outside and I couldn't get her to set the dang thing down. She did take a break from blowing bubbles to blow me a kiss though.
SWAK Sealed With a Kiss Tutu and Lovely Lipstick Top
And of course you need to have just as much pink as you have red:

I had to take photos of her pink outfit before she wears it to school cause I'm sure she'll come home in a mess.--Which is ok because it means she's having fun.

Cutie Pa Tutu is having a Sweetheart Sale, so everything she's wearing and holding (aside from the bubbles) are on sale there.

In case you're wondering where to find it all here are links:
Pa Tutu Tights

Now between this and a few other things I'm working on, she should have something pink and LOVEly to wear until the 14th.

Are you loving these outfits? What are you plans for Valentines Day? Going to make something yummy or cute for school or work treats? Share the love in a comment and you'll be entered to win a Valentine Pa Tutu Outfit w/matching wand and Pixie Tail or Bow.

Since Vday is around the corner we have to make this quick so this giveaway ends midnight Tuesday February 7th. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget (below). Good luck!

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