Monday, March 5, 2012

Our weekend in Instagrams

This weekend, after work, Lil' J and I had the task of staying out of her daddy's hair so he could study for his police final (which he passed today. Woohoo!!).

We stayed busy. Here's what we did captured via Instagram:
Our first non-freak out, long trip to the fabric store. I got these pretty spring fabrics I plan to turn into three dresses for Lil J. Some buttons, and thread, all for $13.
Bubbles: The reason for surviving our long non-freak-out trip to the fabric store. Got a 6 pack at the dollar tree.
That's where we also go hooked up with some sweet $1 sunglasses.
Then we went to the mall, where mommy was able to get a new pair of jeans in her old size (pre-pregnancy). 

We also had smoothies and shared a giant pretzel. 

The next day, after work we went to the kite festival.
Raisins and fruit cups helped us survive the long lines to and from the shuttles.
The kites were beautiful. I got to play with my new camera (5D Mark ii) which made one of my same old lenses feel brand new and FABULOUS.
And at the end of it all, we did get to see daddy a little, before bed.

I hope you weekend was fabulous (technically Tuesday is my Sunday, so I'm still enjoying my official weekend. Hope to do some sewing, and play-dating). 

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