Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Awkward... He Says/ She Says

On a routine trip to the dollar tree I grabbed a few pregnancy tests. This is normal. I like to have a stash for my paranoia/ obsession with taking them. Usually I hide them under the sink when I get home but my arms were full of baby stuff/ baby and bags so I forgot.

Later that evening my husband discovers my shopping bag...

He says: "Umm... Why did you buy pregnancy tests?"
She says: "Well, umm, cause, I mean..." I figure it's best to tell him the truth. "It's for my paranoia, just in case. I always buy them."
He says: "Paranoia? But why would you be paranoid? That would be like, impossible."
No, actually it wouldn't. Hello. Check out these statistics.
She says: "It's just a girl thing ok? But they don't expire a long time, I'll have them a while."

I really just wanted to say "it's not what you think" although I'm not sure what he was thinking. But whatever it was, it wasn't why I got them.

Oy, awkward!

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