Friday, March 9, 2012

Sick day

I'm lying on the couch. Typing this in one hand on my iphone while Lil' J lies beside, curled up in my other arm.

I was pumped for today. I had been busting butt all week trying to crank out stories for the weeks ahead. Everything was recorded, today was my day to go in, write and edit it all.

I woke up before 7. Made breakfast and our lunches. Got my daughter dressed and gave her some milk to sip on while I finished getting ready.

When she finished that cup she asked for more and I obliged.

Shoes, bow, check, check. Poured Snoop some food and grabbed Lil' J to go. I felt a slight rumble in her tummy and instinctively knew what was coming. I tilted her forward slightly as she vomited all over our floor.

Instincts didn't tell me where to run, which should have been the bathroom I was standing next to, but instead we ran around to the kitchen sink, her throwing up a few more times along the way.

It was all milk. Just like it was yesterday. Her school called to tell me she threw up once. She didn't have a fever so they said they'd stop giving her milk, and that she could stay, they'd take care of her.

I hurried as fast as I could but I still didn't get to her until 6 hours later. I felt guilty.

Thankfully, she was feeling better. We went to the store and got "sick food" then played with her a little longer before bed.

That brings us back to this morning.

I called to work, unable to bear taking her to school--although when asked, she said she still wanted to go.

I called her teacher who said she'd be more than happy to watch her while I get work done, and that they'd keep dairy out of her diet. I'll admit the offer was tempting. Missing today means getting even more behind but I know this is where I need to be. Snuggled with my sickling, and nursing her back to health (not literally, we are done with that).

But now in stumped. I bought her new milk yesterday but didn't open it yet. I smelled the milk she's drinking now and it smells fine. It's not expired. Which is why I tried again this morning. Now we are definitely done with that batch, but I worry it's not that specific milk but milk in general. Will this be a permanent thing or does she just have an upset tummy?

Oh the confusion never ends!

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