Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Technical difficulties

I'm SO angry right now.

The day started out ok. Yesterday I was as sick as a dog but fought through work anyway, then turned in to bed early.

Today, I had a great day with Lil' J. She's been asking "bus? bus?" since we went on a school bus ride a week ago as a shuttle to the kite festival. So today we took the city bus to the park, had a mini picnic and took lots of photos of the experience.

Well, I got a new card reader for my new CF card that I'm using for my new camera and I think it messed up my card because no only did it read it but now my camera won't read it and says it's not formatted with my camera. I want to scream because there are at least a couple hundred photos on there from the past few weeks that I want and I will be so sad if they're all lost.

I also finally took pictures of my fabric organization, and other domestic things I was hoping to share with photo demonstrations now that we're finally feeling better but that's not happening today.

I'm hoping to take it someplace tomorrow to see if I can get the photos off before I reformat it in my camera and I'm praying I can. I used to be so good about importing them all right away but I had stopped while I waited for a new card reader. Little did I know it would lead to my demise.


If you've been through this and know a solution please share. I want to cry.



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