Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sister Wives, do ya dig it?: Real Talk Tuesday

I told myself I wasn't going to watch Sister Wives this season. It's actually pretty boring for a polygamist show. It's got nothing on Big Love.

Yet alas, I couldn't turn away when I saw it on my DVR.
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Kody (the husband) does strike me as a bit narcissistic and completely corny. It's strange to me that he expects people to accept them for who they are, yet the thought of the roles being reversed with his wives (them having more husbands) is repulsing to him. As if the thought never crossed his mind to put himself in their shoes for just a second. ... Then again, it is a man we're talking about.

I've been intrigued by polygamists for a long time. I used to see them at Walmart all the time when we were first married and lived in St. George, Utah. I even dressed up as one for Halloween one year. My fascination continues to be fueled thanks to TLC.

The surprising thing about the show to me is how normal they make polygamy look. I mean it's not like I watch and think "these people are nutso!" When they describe why they live the way they live and honestly share their challenges, it makes sense to me. I get it.

It probably would be nice to have more family to love, a few other women help take care of the kids, share in the chores, and hang out with. Does that mean I'd want to share my fine a$$ husband? Hail nah.

But if he looked like this...
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Have at it. He's all yours! In fact, you could take my night with him whenever you want.

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