Monday, July 19, 2010

Announcing My BlogHer Sponsor

I'm a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. I wasn't sure whether or not I should plan to go to the BlogHer conference this year because I didn't know when I was having my baby, how healthy she'd be, if I'd feel up to going, etc etc. By the time she got here I was worried it was too late to go. The conference is sold out, it was so late to look for sponsors, plus trying to find a room at a booked hotel and everything else is nearly impossible.

I still was excited by the fact that some of my friends I'd love to meet were going, it's in NYC, and I've always wanted to go... It was on my baby bucket list and what better time to cross it off then on maternity leave?

Last year when I went I didn't know much about blogging, I was just having fun. Still, that's my main focus but now I'm really looking to make connections so that one day I can work from home and be with my little munchkin(s).

I couldn't afford to go on my own, and a sponsor would be needed to help make it a reality. I tweeted out that Lil' J and I were looking for a sponsor to BlogHer '10 not sure what I'd hear in response. One of my friend's responded telling me she knew of someone who was looking for sponsor a blogger. I wasn't sure it would work out but in a matter of 24 hours I had talked to (and fell in love with) the owner of the company, came to an agreement, found someone selling their ticket and hotel room, and I won round trip first class flights to the conference just before she bough them. Can we say WOW? Yes, blessed!
So without further adieu, my fabulous BlogHer Sponsor is Piggies and Paws!
A HUGE Thanks to my friend Christina from Being Mrs. Jones for designing my new business card for the conference! See more of her design work at Visual Luxe.

I'm so obsessed with my little munchkin, I take dozens of pictures of her daily, and want to document and save every little thing about her. Piggies and Paws makes beautiful custom artwork from your child's hand and feet prints. Before she was born I was looking for a fun, memorable way save my little girl's prints and while I love the clay and the stamps these take the cake.

I ordered an angel version of her foot and a butterfly design of her hands. I can't wait to see the finished product! Robin, a Pigges and Paws artist in my area, came over to get my baby's prints and Lil' J wasn't too happy to be woken up from her nap, but it'll be worth it later. Here's a video of her getting her angel foot print started.

And a photo of the start of what will end up as a beautiful butterfly!
I'll be telling you more about my sponsor later, and we'll be doing a giveaway as well. Also, checkout their Facebook page to see videos of some of their finished products!

My little girl and I are adjusting well to sleeping, breastfeeding, and each other and we'll have one trip under our belt before our first of many adventures together!--Our trip alone together to New York.

Hopefully they'll be some helping hands around in case we start to crash and burn. Will you be in NYC August 5th-7th? Fill out my form so we can hook up!

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