Friday, July 2, 2010

41+ Weeks Pregnant: BABY TIME!

Dear Spawnie, Lady Bug, Baby Girl, Lil' J:

There've been so many names I've called you through this journey but soon I'll get to see your little face and call you by your real name.

Everyone always talks about how amazing it is to see your baby for the first time. I guess it's one of those things you can't imagine until it happens. It's hard to picture what it will be like meeting you. Will I feel like I know you? What will I think of you? What will you think of me?

It's funny but I keep jokingly telling people "I hope she's cute," I know you will be but it's just so strange having no idea what you look like. I wish we had done those 4D ultrasounds, but I guess it'll be an even better surprise when we see you.
It's funny thinking I'm going to have you forever and I didn't really have a say in what you're going to be like. See, with Snoop I got to pick him out of the bunch. I picked a calm, cute puppy. With you, well... You chose us! I guess that says something. It probably means we're in for it!

If I had to guess what you'd be like I'd guess you'll come out with squinty eyes, like mine, though I would love it if they were big and round like your daddy's. I kinda hope they are grey because then you have a chance of them staying light-colored and maybe having blue eyes like him!

I think you'll have a nose like mine, and a chin like mine. It already looks like you do from the ultrasounds we saw.

I think you're going to have lots of dark curly hair. At least I hope you do! Your daddy and I both had lots of curly hair when we were born. His was read though. I don't think your hair will be red. That would be crazy!

I think you'll be pretty chubby since you've had so much extra time to bake. Your daddy was over 10 pounds at birth and I was well over 7 pounds and I was quite early. The doctor hasn't made any guesses but if I were to guess I'd say you're going to be about 8lbs 5oz. That's my guess but we'll see. I think you'll be long too... Maybe 22in.

I don't think you're going to cry a ton when you're born, though I kind of hope you do. I hope you like me when you see me. I hope you are a good eater. I really hope you wiggle as much as you do inside me now.

In fact, I'm sure you're ready to come out cause last night you were wiggling SO MUCH. I'm not sure how you have room to wiggle but I'm sure you were trying to bust out of this joint. I even caught you on video!

Last night your dad and I were so excited we could hardly go to sleep. I told him I felt like I was waiting for Christmas and he said "yea me too!" We're both so anxious and excited to meet you. We were actually kinda bored last night.. Something I'm sure we won't be feeling for a long time!!

Please come here safely little one! I can't believe the next letter I write to you you'll be OUT HERE! In the world!

I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with you little one. We're in for an adventure!

Love you so much little Spawnie!

Anxiously awaiting,


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