Monday, June 28, 2010

40+ Weeks Pregnant

Lil' J,

Well well well little one. Still baking are we? I hope you're having fun in there but I also hope you realize you're playing in a studio apartment when you have a whole mansion that's yours out here. Don't worry, mommy will till be here to cuddle with you when you come out. I'm not going anywhere!

I will say I'm SO grateful we made it to 40 weeks. SO many babies are born early and for a little bit I really worried you would be one of them! But nope, we made it! We made it full term and... Well, and then some I guess. According to my calculations on when you were conceived you're a little older than we had guessed. But just a day older, so no big deal! Today you're 40 weeks and 4 days. Believe it or not the last four days actually went by quicker than I expected.

I did get a little sad this week when you weren't born on one of several days which I thought would be your birthday. I cried a lot and felt silly for crying. Especially since I know it's just a guesstament. I just really thought that by now we'd be here together and you'd be keeping me up at night. The positive side is your daddy and I have had more time to spend alone together before we become a family of 3 (actually 4 including Snoop).

I've gone through a lot of mood swings since I hit the 40 week mark... The day I thought you would be born. But I'm SO grateful for your daddy who's helped me through them all. He's really the best, you are going to love him so much!

(photo of my big 40+ week belly coming soon!)

I've been analyzing almost every symptom wondering if it means your coming... Diarrhea (gross I know but I hear it's a symptom) loosing my mucus plug, nausea, your slowing movements, every leak, cramp, and contraction I'm wondering if "THIS IS IT."

Last night I had a lot of contractions. I was actually having consistent contractions for about 22 hours. For a couple of hours they were just a few minutes apart lasting over a minute long. But I knew it wasn't time to go yet because they weren't very strong.

When I woke up this morning I still was having some contractions but they were more spaced out, and eventually they fizzled down to nothing. I was sad because I thought we were about to finally meet you. Your dad packed his bag and I went to bed hoping my water would break or something but nope. Not yet.

I've been thinking and praying about this a lot but I've decided Saturday is a good deadline to give you. We're going to talk it over with our doctor tomorrow but I'm pretty sure that's the day we'll schedule to be induced if you're not here yet. I'm a little sad that I may not get to experience the whole timing contractions and rushing to the hospital, but your daddy keeps reminding me that we'll be so happy once you're here, and not to get too caught up in the process. Because really, it's in Heavenly Father's and your little hands! Ours too, but we've just got to enjoy the ride, no matter how it takes us to you.
It's so exciting now to think that I'll be meeting you regardless in less than a week!! Just 5 days! You'll be over 41 weeks then, but for now, you're probably about 7 1/2 pounds and 20in long, though we're predicting you're a little bigger.

Tomorrow we'll check the fluid levels around you and make sure you're still doing ok in there so I can go another week. I'm so happy now, knowing it's not much longer until you're here!

Get here safely little one!



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