Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are Giveaway Blogs Annoying Part 2

So if you haven't noticed I think I've solved my dilemma with my blog. Do you remember? I was asking if giveaway blogs are annoying after one of my concerned, but honest readers reached out and said she was getting gosh darn annoyed with the load giveaways. Granted... It WAS Baby Shower Week on my blog, which was the reason for the giveaway madness, but I did take note to what some of you said.

A lot of you said you didn't mind them here and there, and knowing that's how I normally do it, and were ok with that. Others said they loved the reviews and giveaways because it let them know about products that are out there for fertility, pregnancy or their little ones.

When it comes down to it, it's my blog and I want to do what I like to do. As much as I love my readers, I write for me, not you (sorry). So in deciding how to handle this I took some suggestions, but ultimately made these decisions based on how I'd like to see my blog.

Some suggested creating a separate blog for "Baby Makin(g) Machine's Reviews/ Giveaways" but to me that just seems dumb because 1. I can't keep up with ANOTHER blog 2. I don't do enough giveaways to where that would be worth it. And most of all 3. It's like the "Oprah Show Commercials" channel. If a company finds my blog and wants my opinion on something and I want to share it, I'm not going to tell the handful of people who pop in to see what I'm reviewing. I mean, as far as I know, 99% of you read my blog because of my writing, and to see what's up in my crazy life, not just for my giveaways. So that means only about 5% of you would take the time to check that blog too.

So, here are the conclusions I came up with:

1. I'm going to keep doing reviews and giveaways but no more than one a week at the most. Eventually (like now) I'm cutting this back to one or two a month. I'll start them on the weekend, so if you do happen to stop by you can expect one then, or if it's posted during the week, there MAY be a double post that day, with a review/giveaway and a regular post.

2. As usual, I'm only going to tell you about the really cool stuff. I feel bad but I've had to turn down lots of offers lately for things that I honestly would rather just buy myself, rather than feeling obligated to take time to dedicate an entire post to. I really am being picky, and only blogging about things I'd NORMALLY blog about, not just things I'm writing about cause I'm getting it for free.

However, if YOU are interested in reviewing things that I may not want to (that are still really really awesome, but because of time I can't handle) please email me and let me know! I'll put you on a list and let potential sponsors know they can check out your blog and contact you for a review. Either let me know in the comments here or email me at babymakingmachine{at}

3. As always, I'm going to keep my natural flair with my reviews/ giveaways. This isn't hard since I'm being so picky about things I review. If it's not ordinarily cool enough to make the cut in everyday blogging, well, I'm probably not going to write about it. I never try to sound "commercial" in my reviews, and always write them as I'd honestly write any other diary post (besides the end where I offer a giveaway). I mean read this Hot Mama Gowns Review and tell me that sounds like a commercial... Really, that's how I'd write any other post. Same with using BabyTime Bags to pack and get ready for the hospital, and the experience of making my belly cast from Maternitique. I don't just copy-paste stuff from the sponsors site, I tell you like it is... I Do Me.

4. I've taken away the GAZILLION extra ways you can enter a giveaway. I can see how you'd feel like your chances are slim to none when you have to jump through hoops to enter, then compete against people who have time to sit on the computer for hours entering every way possible, when you just want to leave a comment and be done with it.

Because of that, I'm now making most of my giveaways (the ones not in high of a value) where all you do is leave a comment and you're entered. Simple as that. At the most there will be 3 extra ways to enter and that's just if you follow my blog and follow the sponsors Twitter or Facebook pages. It's simple enough, and if you don't have twitter or facebook it's not like your chances have gone down a ton as there aren't 15 other ways to enter.

So there you have it! My solutions! Bloggers, readers, what do you think? How do you handle things like this on your blog?

*I'm not accepting any more offers for reviews/giveaways at the moment because I already have a short list, and I want to enjoy as much time with Lil' J as possible after she's born, and not feel obligated to blog. But if you've written me and I haven't responded I'm not ignoring you, I will reply, I'm just SWAMPED!*



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