Friday, August 13, 2010


No, I didn't die/get killed/lost forever in NYC. We had a blast! So much so that I'm still recuperating! So much so that I've had my longest no-blogging streak. I envy people who manage to have time and energy to whip those recap posts up right away... Granted I'm pretty sure I had the youngest baby there, so I have a good excuse. Lil' J was a GREAT Piggies and Paws model (and happy to be one), and we are SO glad they sent us! Check them out for affordable custom artwork using your kiddos hand and foot prints! They have great videos of examples on their Facebook Page. She's wearing an example of their new line soon to be announced!
piggies and paws model
I have LOTS to say about BlogHer, and other big big big BIG rants regarding controversial issues I'm already witnessing and experiencing in motherhood (yes, already!). But you know how you can't write about something until you write about the other stuff that happened first? I'm having that dilemma. I can't write about the other stuff until I recap BlogHer. As soon as I can get my thoughts together and put down I'll share it all.

Sadly I'm going back to work in less than six weeks. I cry every time I think about it, so I'm going to try not to dwell on that right now. Whoever said I'd be begging to go back to work once I spent some time at home was LYING!... Or just didn't know me. But it's ok, I didn't know me either. And I didn't know I'd be loving this so much.

Anyhoo... I'm trying to keep the computer out of reach, and my daughter in my arms as long as possible. So SORRY if you have sent me an email, or something and I haven't responded. I'll catch up soon! I'm NOT ignoring you. Even if you emailed me two months ago--I'm that far behind!!

I haven't uploaded my pictures from BlogHer yet so for now I'll leave you with this picture my friend from Grand Felicity Photography took during our mother-daughter shoot in Utah right before our trip to NYC. (Photography session giveaway coming soon!)
mother daughter

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