Monday, September 6, 2010

50 Weeks Pregnant

I'll never forget how I felt looking in the mirror at myself for the first time after having my baby.

"Spawnie" was gone. And in her place I was given a chunky, round, very noisy and squirmy stranger.

I felt like I had lost a part if me. Or like a loved one had died. I had grown so close to the baby inside of me and this baby in her place just wasn't the same.

It took me a little while to overcome these emotions. I loved my child but missed my pregnant belly. Missed the kicks from within my tummy. Missed the tiny hiccups and watching her try to break loose.

I was falling in love with my daughter on the outside but still longed for the baby inside. In this transition I found the best of both worlds in baby-wearing.

I remember the first time I noticed someone wearing a baby. I was at church and the woman had what looked like her four-year-old sharing a shirt with her.

It looked uncomfortable and I couldn't help but stare.

As I noticed more and more people carrying their babies around in hands-free devices I became more curious. They really look quite brilliant! Before having my daughter I got my hands on every type of carrier I could find. I know me and I'm a trial and error kind of person. I also like variety.

Wraps were one of the most intriguing ones to me. The tiny babies always looked the most cozy in those. But they looked the most complicated. One long piece of fabric and I was supposed to figure out how to get it on me and get my baby safely in it.

Slings looked the easiest. Just stick the baby in and you're done. Because of this, I decided to try my sling first. After Lil' J was born I stuck her in and we fell in love. Since she didn't like me to put her down, it was the first time I was able to open my computer and get some things done.

A few days later I got brave enough to try my Sugar Sweet Baby wrap.

I watched a few YouTube videos showing me how to put a wrap on and how to put my baby in it. After watching a few demonstrations I got it down. I tried it a couple of times to get the hang of it and it was really a piece of cake.

When I looked at us in the mirror I noticed I had my baby belly back. Only now my baby was on the outside.
She was cozy in the not-too-stretchy bamboo fabric. And I wasn't overheating. Even in the Texas heat. The best part was I had my hands free to move around the house, and when I did she fell right asleep.

I've worn this thing on all 7 of our flights, and on all but the last she slept through the whole trip! (the last one she wanted to smile and talk to the flight attendants).
baby wearing
During a family reunion I was able to eat while she slept. At BlogHer in New York City she was able to meet people and explore the world from my point of view. And on numerous trips to the grocery store, she gets to escape from her carseat (which she can't stand) and stay close to me as we shop.

A friend asked me what my most practical baby item was and with almost no hesitation I was able to say my Sugar Sweet Baby wrap. I was freaking out about not having a stroller the first month of her life but I honestly didn't need one. Now it's my new go-to item for baby showers.

I'm turning into a big softy... I love having her close to me, more so for me and my comfort than hers. All I have to do is lean over a little and I'm able to kiss her forehead and smell her hair. and she loves it too. I'd say 98% of the time she goes to sleep within minutes of me wrapping her up on me. She's close to my heart and can smell mommy too.
So now I'm on the other side of the fence. I'M the one getting the sometimes-crazy looks (four different strangers asked me if i was carrying a doll--yea, cause I'm that weird) when I'm at the store with her wrapped around me. But most of the time in getting compliments on the idea and how pretty it is.

Now it's so easy to put on I can do it in the dark. Sometimes I put it on before leaving the house and just stick her in it when we get to our destination. Here we are at the nature park.
happy wrap baby
I sure do miss being pregnant, even though I have my baby now. But until I'm pregnant again I at least get a glimpse of the joy I felt every time I put Little Spawnie in her wrap.

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I noticed a few commenters asking how easy it really is so I recorded this quick video to show you. Lil' J is normally all gussied up but we just finished having some nakey time so don't mind her in her diaper!

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