Sunday, April 3, 2011

365 Love Letters Week 13

I'm starting to take this picture-taking thing a little too seriously. I hurry home from work to get her ready, then we head out to a fun location to snap some shots. I either come home in a really good mood for capturing some of my new favorite photos, or a bad mood because something went wrong. Not unlike my husband's moods based on his team winning or losing a game. I keep telling myself it's all for fun but I always try too hard to be so good at everything--I think there's some advice in this experience somewhere. Actually Day 91's advice came after a tough evening of trying to get the perfect shot. It's probably my favorite letter to her this week, but Day 87 is probably my favorite photo.

Once again, there's a giveaway at the end of this post. My treat this week
Plush Blue Whale Skirt c/o Jilly Bo Billy Boutique
Headband c/o Elle Belle's Boutique Room Seven Dawn Dress c/o Jilly Billy Boutique
Pink Bohemian Dress: Goodwill $2

Have I mentioned my addition to Etsy? I'm constantly looking for deals and I'm going to share what I find with you and try to bring you a weekly giveaway/feature on my 365 posts. Yesterday I found AJ and Bella Designs, a shop that sells crocheted Mary Jane slippers for $5! I ordered some in yellow and white to match Lil' J's Easter dress.  
Everyone who comments on this post before next week's 365 post goes up, will be entered to win their own little pair. I'll announce the winner on my Facebook page. Good luck!

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