Monday, April 4, 2011

Rocking Horse: What I'm Making Monday

Headband c/o Elle Bells Boutique; Dress c/o Jilly Bo Billy Boutique
Ok, so I didn't make this with my bare hands, but I did buy this rocking horse from the thrift shop and gave it a little spit shine.

I was looking for a solid wood rocking horse for a little while. Crazy people on craigslist were asking like $100 for theirs, so I decided to go the yard sale/ thrift store route. When I saw this I knew it was perfect.

Goodwill really wanted me to know the price of this things because they had stickers all over it. I took all of them off and cleaned it, and tightened a few screws. I was originally thinking I'd paint it but I really am liking the dark wood color it has.

Lil' J's feet can't touch the foot spokes yet but I helped her rock and she was loving it. I also love that it's a {like} new fun photography prop.
Anyway, so maybe it's a little lame/ cheating Makin' Monday, but it was either this or my three dinners I made (which were yummy but didn't make as cute of photos).
I have two projects I'm working on to hopefully do in the coming week. Something to organize all of Lil' J's accessories. So I'll be more crafty next week!

Did you make (or fix) anything? Link up!
What I'm Making Monday

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