Friday, April 8, 2011

Wedding do-over?

Why can't I stop looking at wedding dresses?

Part of it is probably because I've been watching TLC's Say Yes to the Dress almost daily since the birth of my daughter.

Or maybe it's because deep down I'm wishing my wedding was bigger and better than it was. I mean, back then all I wanted was to marry my husband. We didn't care about a big wedding or a reception. I rented my gown and had a small open house. From engagement to wedding it was exactly two months. My parents weren't supportive and didn't help with the bill. Now of course we are all past that now so I won't go into it. The point is, all of a sudden I'm a bit wedding obsessed.--Six and a half years late.

I wasn't that girl who had planned out her wedding from childhood. I knew I wanted a pretty, unique dress, a hot husband, and a temple marriage, and I got all three. But now that I'm older, and perhaps a little more vain, I'm longing for a more fantasy, and special day.

I was at work and reading a news story about someone celebrating their anniversary in a big way when it hit me--We should do a vow renewal! But when? I'd love to do it on our 10 year anniversary when I have more of a chance of retaining my small figure, and youthful looks. My husband says we should tack on another 10 years to my reserved date. After all, our 10 year anniversary is in just three and a half more years. Perhaps we'll compromise and do a 15 year celebration. Either way, I'm already dreaming about it.

To be honest, I never, EVER browsed wedding dresses, except for right before my wedding. It's weird. I'm obsessed with wedding dress shows, but my taste in wedding dresses is so picky I rarely seek them out because rarely does a particular designer catch my eye.

Until now.

If you know me, you know I'm a Disney fanatic, the biggest fanatic in the world. So when I discovered the Disney Bridal Collection last week I nearly cried. Designed by Alfred Angelo, these gorgeous princess-inspired gowns are all under $1200.

$1200? I know, that's freaking expensive. But for some reason my heart leaped for joy when I saw the price tag. Probably because I'm used to seeing the $10K budgets the rich girls have on my TLC shows, and that's just for the dress! Whenever I see a woman walk in to Kleinfield talking about a $1,500 budget I laugh and think "Honey, you're at the wrong store."

Before I go on let me just say I'm this isn't a sponsored post or anything of that sort, just a truthful, 100% honest obsession with this Disney find from a Disney princess fanatic.

I wore an A-line dress at my wedding, but I've been dying to try on a mermaid style. I never did and I wish I would have known how it would look on me. This Ariel dress would bring me full-circle from my Little Mermaid Halloween costume I rocked in kindergarten. This gown aint a costume though.
The taffeta on Sleeping Beauty's gown is a dream. I want to put this on and just twirl around and shake it. It's enormous, and I love that, but I also know I don't wear poofy too well.
Which is why I'm also a little unsure about the Cinderella dress. I love it. Love the sparkle, and that it's truly the classic princess dress. But when I was trying on dresses for my wedding this is exactly what I thought I wanted. A huge tulle dress. Actually I think I wanted satin. I wore a huge white tulle dress for prom (I know right? What was I thinking?) and though I looked good in it, the same idea for my wedding just wasn't working. We kept adding more and more layers because I thought if it got just a little bigger I'd love it. But nope. Instead, when we let it down to a regular a-line I fell in love.
Now I look back at picture though and think SNORE! Sadly, that's kind of the feeling I get when I look at the Jasmine gown. I love her in the movie (#2 on my list) but I'm not a huge fan of the bridal gown. It's a little too nightgownish for me, and simple. I want WOW!
I love dropped-waist gowns. The Belle is so beautiful. I really love this dress. The crystal corset is ravishing--As Mrs. Potts would say (correction--I just remembered it was Ms. Armoire not Mrs. Potts who said this). And I like the cap sleeves on it.
The Tiana gown is the other dropped waist gown I love. It's got a sexy princess look, it's asymmetric and beautiful! Plus Tiana is one of my favorite princesses so I have a natural connection to this one.
And finally the Snow White down. She is probably my least favorite princess but I like her essence they captured in this gown. The satin sash and little flower details throughout are classic and just the right touch of nature.

I honestly love them all (ok, minus the Jasmine one) and I'm trying to think of what story I can make up so I can go to a local bridal store and try all of these on. I guess I could tell them I'm planning my anniversary celebration, and just omit the year.

I'm not sure if these will still be my taste in 3.5-13.5 years or if I'll finally have grown out of my lifelong princess fantasy. I just can't help but think that a decade after my first wedding in a castle, a second wedding (to my same husband) in a Disney castle would be the perfect way to celebrate.

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